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Is it ok for me to occasionally give my 1 year old cat some yogurt? (plain, nonfat). Floco comes over whenever I am eating some.
1. Will it cause digestive problems? I would think not, since yogurt is good for the intestinal flora, at least in humans
2. Will it cause any problems for his teeth?

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Plain yogurt (Not vanilla flavored) is very good for acts, because it leaves behind good bacteria in the gut. As long as you don't make it the only thing your cat eats- you should be fine'
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My cats LOVE yogurt. I buy Brown Cow cream on top in the health food section. If I have it, they come running!
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Do you give it to them plain or mix it with their food?
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I just give them a tiny bit on the edge of the spoon sometimes when I'm eating some myself. They love it
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Is is necessary to find lactose free yogurt??
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Originally Posted by hs4816
Is is necessary to find lactose free yogurt??
I wouldnt think so since yougurt is a cultured milk product...It should be lower in lactose than milk like cheese
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My kitties have never tried yoghurt, next time I have some I must see if they like it!
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Mine love plain yoghurt, they have it a couple times a week from a saucer.
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heh, i can never eat any yogurt without elliot trying to steal some from me ;P it's his favorite food he specially likes any strawberry banana ones and peach too!
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Originally Posted by starlie
Do you give it to them plain or mix it with their food?
I give it to them just straight. When I have it, they come running and I will put a tablespoon or so on a plate for each one.
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Thanks! I'll give it a try sometime this week.
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Max LOVES yogurt, better than ice cream even! I usually let him lick the lid and the empty cup. I overheard one of the vet techs where I take my cats on the phone recommending a cat owner give plain yogurt for tummy trouble and have had another vet (when asking what table scraps he gets) tell me that yogurt is just fine for him.

I also agree about not having to worry about "lactose free" yogurt - if there is such a thing it would be a scam. Lactose is the milk sugar which gets fermented away to produce yogurt - there should only be trace amounts left by the time they call it yogurt.
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My concern was mainly with their teeth. I have a friend who used to give human food to her cat and said he developed gengivitis. But I'm not sure what food she was giving him.
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I definitely would not feed it as a primary source of nutrition, but as a treat its a decent option.
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Rosie isn't fussed but Sophie will sit and watch every spoonfull that goes in my mouth so i always give her a teeny bit as a taster.

See the picture of her on the right of my siggy?, thats just how she looks at me with her head to one side!
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