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This is totally unrelated to cats but I just had to tell everyone. I'm a new Grandma! My son's baby was born February 21, 2001. A boy, 8 lbs. 11 oz. 21" long. The only bad thing about this is that he lives in Arkansas and I live in Calif.
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Congratulations, Terricar05! You should tell your son to get a video camera or a digital camera, so that way he can make a photo album and send pictures to you! MSN has a good photo ablum maker!
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Congrats Terri!!! WOW 8 LBS!!!!!
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Congrats Terri!
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Congrats! Make sure you sign up for "frequent flyer miles"! They are totally worth it. Northwest and US Airways both have great programs.

My mom considers herself a "grandma" only because her 4 kids all have cats. She spoils them rotten. She always sends out "care packages" full of toys and treats for them.
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Thanks everybody. He says he'll send pictures as soon as he can. He also says he's looking into getting a computer so he can put the pictures online for me to see. That'll be great.
Thanks pnut, I will sign up for the frequent flyer miles. I never had any use for them until now.
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Congratulations Terri! That must be so exciting!!!!!
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Yes, it is!
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Congratulations!!! A new baby!
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