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NYC Animal Cruelty

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I cannot believe how many residence in NYC have such disregard to animals. It makes me sick!
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Really? What makes you say that, Donna?

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I was watching Animal Planet last night and it was about the ASPCA doing their jobs in NYC. A person had a german shepherd that was left outside all the time with no food or water. When the ASPCA got there, the dog was SO infested with ticks and had been for a long time that she could barely walk she was so weak, and needed a blood transfusion.

Another guy had 4 dogs in an apartment. Looking out his back window into the courtyard, there was a carcass of a dead dog who starved to death. The other dogs were skin and bones.

Another man, had his cat taken away from him because he put his cats face into a candle burning his whiskers and eyebrow off to "teach him a lesson" not to scratch. He couldn't understand why he was being arrested for animal cruelty.

I was appalled by this crap. And that is only in one state. THOSE are the kind of people who should not have pet.
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Well, yes - those things ARE appalling!! There are ignorant people in every country of the globe. It is far beyond me WHY they do some of the stupid things they do, but yet they continue to do them, because we read about them in the papers and hear about them on the news.

So, how does one get involved in making it better, Donna? Maybe you could shed some light on how we could be better able to educate people about animals - any suggestions?

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I had Animal Planet on all night at work last night, they showed Animal Precinct almost the entire night.
I love Animal Precinct!

That poor German Shepard, her name was Sheila was near death when they rescued her, the ticks had sucked her dry! It took them several days to remove them, she even had them between her toes! The woman who "owned" her said she checked on the dog all the time, and she hadnt noticed!
How could you not notice? the animal had so many ticks on her, you could barely see her face!!!
Happy ending though...Sheila was fixed up and adopted, and the woman was arrested!

That poor dead dog, "Butch" (looked like a Great Dane?) had only passed away the day before they got there, those people also had birds, 2 cats, and a litter of 4 kittens (2 orange and white). The kittens were under a broken down table or shelf piled high woth crap, that looked like it was ready to collapse on them!
The people that had them had been visited the year before, they had only 1 poodle, the pooodle was groomed and given back, and they were told to take care of it and not to get ANY more animals!
Again, happy ending..ALL the animals were taken, cleaned up and treated, and adopted out! The poodles names were Chucky and Mary.

Then there was the dead horse in the street. Some guy had a collection of "exotic" animals...goats (exotic?), llamas, etc. and had the horse/pony for pony rides. The horse got colicky, and they put it down in the street because they couldnt get it to stand. This guy had another horse at his place, also sick and scrawny!
When they went to arrest him, he ran...took them 6 weeks to catch the guy...but they did!

Sorry to go on, but these people really amaze and disgust me!
I think they said it was Staten Island, but it happens everywhere and everyday.
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I could never be one of those officers, I would push half those people down the stairs or over fire escapes and say "Oh I am sorry. does it hurt?" GRRRRRRR! I hate animal and child abuse above all else!
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Since we're both in Oregon, I'll be your lookout!

Ok, no ones looking...PUSH!
oops, is that a dumpster down there, How appropriate!
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I don't think it's just NYC though. I have to say that I wish the ASPCA were in all towns doing the same thing. I know we don't have anything in CT like that. Heck, here in my town, there is NO help for cats at all. The ACO only handles dogs.
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Maybe it's a cop out, but I can't watch those shows. It's just too hard. I know that it exsists, but it's so hard to see it. I feel like I'm letting the animals down because I don't like to be depressed
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I never said I had any answers or solutions. I was simply remarking about what I saw and how appalling it is. And I give those men and women alot of credit for doing their jobs. I could never do it. I would get too emotionally involved.

How about YOUR insight Gayef. I would love to hear any suggestions you might have.
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I see Animal Precint every week. All of those episodes I have seen. I think its pretty sick, but I like to see those perpetuators getting arrested. One man had a couple of rotties(one lived in the car and the other was in a shelter with puppies). They were both emaciated and the owner said he had no money or time to feed them. If one has no time to feed them, than he should of thought about it before he gets any animals. There was also two incidents were the cops were resucing pitbulls that were used for fighting and for bait for fighting dogs. Then there was the roosters used for fighting also. I think they do have a thing here in Utah. The Humane Society does animal rescues and arrest people for abusing animals. Its just not made public like in New York.
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The thing I liked most about it was the women kept their cool. If it were me, I definitely would've had an attitude.
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Sorry to rub it in, but I saw another episode of Animal Precint last night. Only one case was not in trouble because the pups died of a disease most dogs get if they are not vaccinated. There was a woman who lived in a tiny apartment with 20 cats. The place looks like dump! A cat was on the stove, most were under a bed, you could hardly walk through the place without stepping on one. She happened to be a cat collector. She claimed she was rescuing them and that she works at the humane society. The cops told her to have the place cleaned up or they will take away the cats. She was forced to give up alot of them. The one that sickened me the most is a dog who had an infected paw. The owners never bothered to take him to the vet. He was limping. It was so badly infected that the vets had to amputate the leg. The best part of seeing this show is having all the bad guys arrested. If it were me, I would probably get arrested and be harassed by the human rights advocates because I'd beat the lights out of these people who have no regards for life!
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I saw that too. The cop lifted the bed and at least a dozen or so cats came scrambling out. Sad isn't it. People think they're helping when in fact, they're not. It's too bad.
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I'm with you, airprincess, I can't bear to watch those things, either. They make me so mad I just can't stand it! All my furbabies were thrown away or abused by someone else and it kills me that I can't save them all! I am still looking for the girl that threw my little George out a car window, trying to hit a nearby pond. I already have permission from a local police sergeant to thump on her head a few times. Then she goes to jail!
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