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U.S. penal system the world's largest

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Does this bother anybody else? China and India have far higher populations. Why are so many people imprisoned in the U.S.? http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/04/24/pri...eut/index.html
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I was wondering if it was this get tough on crime stuff and according to the article it is. Of course one wonders if that is why there is less crime too, cause they are locked up.

12.6 percent of black males in prison! Gasp.
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Yeah. I agree with Marge. I believe that it is because we have superior law enforcement and catch more criminals than do others. We also have stiffer penalties for crimes which lead to longer prison terms. I do believe we should work harder on rehabilitation so that they do not end back up in prison.
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although...there is something wrong culturally if you have 12.6 percent of black males in prison. We are screwing up somewhere.
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We have too many non-violent offenders in the prison system.
And far too many inner city kids who get roped into gang violence. Young black men account for far too much of the prison population, and I think that the money spent on putting them in jail, releasing them, and putting them back in jail 2 years later would be better spent on community programs in the inner city areas where most of them are arrested. I'm sure there are already programs, but are they working...? Looking at prison demographics, I would have to say no.
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i was just going to ask if it was a bit racist?
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Harsh sentencing is not the problem. Sending non-violent people to jail is also not the problem. It is the lack of economic economic opportunity for certain parts of the society that results in crime. Being tough on crime is only one part of the solution that cannot succeed unless there are economic opportunities. (Example: New York 1990s)

And I am not talking about criminals returning to society but I am talking about children growing up in a poor neighborhood or who come from a bad family background. (Example: 2/3 black students are immigrants or from family of immigrants who are generally more affluent rather than "original" blacks. Unemployment figures for black are twice as high)

Each criminal in jail should not be seen as one success for the criminal justice system but a failure of society and that we should work to prevent another generation of criminals. But that is a longterm development process that needs the co-operation between current and future government.

That article mentions that the government spend $57 in the maintenance of jails which is astounding considering that that is almost the amout the federal government spends on education.
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