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Anyone want to see my freshly mowed yard.

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I'm sorry but I'm so happy that the weather finally let us take care of the jungle. Anywhoooo, Bozy is getting ready to catch a frisbee in this shot but you can get a grasp of what my yard looks like. This is the main portion but to the right is a whole nother section that contains the raised gardens and the green house. I do have other pics of the different sections of my yard but they all contain dogs. So If you want to see them I will post.

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that's beautiful! where are you? i'm in idaho, but grew up down south, and i really miss the grandma had trees just like those that lined her yard and oh how i miss them! it's mostly desert here...yuck
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AAAAAAAAACCCCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol freshly cut grass always makes me sneeze!

Thanks for the pic, what a massive yard you have
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Wow Leah, your place is gorgeous!!!! I love the trees lining your lawn. What a beautiful new home for Ash!!
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WOW! Beautiful pics and I for one want to see more! PLEASE!
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wow you have a beautifull garden
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What a beautiful garden you have Leah. Wonderful trees . Yes, please show us the others, complete with four-legged friends
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This is the exact opposite of the first picture, facing North.

A little to the left is the green house and the gardens behind it.

This one is facing the house and our outdoor cooking area complete with a TV.

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What a beautiful lawn and adorable pups!!!
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Looks like a hot and heavy soccer game going on there.
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Wow! What a fantastic yard! Here in Chicago, back yards are about two steps in one direction, and ten in the other!

Your dogs are gorgeous! You might want to consider buying two more soccer balls, though They'd all probably still play with the same one, though, wouldn't they.
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Love the pics! You have a beautiful back yard and darling pups!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Niiiiiice job, Leah!
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Do you want to come over and do mine now?

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Do you want to come over and do mine now?

oh goodness, look at that perfect yard! It needs moving?? It's very pretty just how it is! sandy would love it.
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