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Help me ! 16 yr.female cat bloody urine &bad vet

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Help!!! I have a 16 year old female cat that has been passing blood clots in her urine. This started on Oct 20 and she was given (By her Vet) antibiotics. 10 days later,after no progress,he put her on stronger meds. He did do blood work and took 1 x-ray. Both came back fine. He never did a urine sample and my cat goes about 5 days completly normal and then it hits her again. Crying,squating,anywhere and passing small drops of urine and little pieces of blood!!! Called vet and now he said it might be a tumor and given her age he said it would not suprise him. Now he wants to put her on more antibiotics and yet he never did a urine sample. Does any of this make any sense ????? He has always been a good vet ,but now I am beginning to wonder if he is not very well informed about cats and urinary problems. He just seems to think that she is old and there is not much that can be done. Everyone I have talked to said it is most unusual to treat a possible urinary infection without first doing a urine test. Any answers will be greatly appreciated. She is a 100% indoor cat and we have had her since she was 6 weeks old. I need help as I love her and do not want to delay any longer.
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Not to sound rude, but GET HER TO ANOTHER VET ASAP! I think that this vet may not be checking all the right things and she needs a second opinion before whatever she has causes her more harm! Please, Please, if you have an emergency clinic, I'd suggest you take her there. She doesn't sound well at all..
I'm sorry if I scared you but I don't think this is something to fool around with.
Please keep us posted...
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Do not feel you are rude. I am calling a cat specialist tomorrow. I will keep you informed on her progress. She is perfectly well today. She has me very puzzled as to how she can be feeling so well for 4 days and then it starts again. I will keep you informed and thank you for your quick reply !!! My Cookie is the light of my life,my best friend,my nighttime sleeping companion, and the most lovable cat in the world !!! My husband and I will do whatever it takes to make her well !! I just do not want her to suffer needless surgeries or testing. I will not put her through any unjustified procedures. I just want some good answers from a vet that knows what he is doing as her pain is my pain. Thanks again for your quick response. Judy
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Cookie has a Monday morning appointment with a cat specialist. I will let you know how everything went. I sure hope there is nothing seriously wrong with her ,but I do feel better knowing she is in the hands of a specialist. Thanks for your help....... Judy
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I am glad you are taking her to another vet. It doesn't sound like the first one knew anything about cats. There are several possible conditions that can cause blood in the urine weather it is on a constant basis or it is fairly irregular. Most (good) vet will run a total body function test along with a uninalysis. Make sure to come back and let us know what they find.
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Thanks for thinking of us. I will let you know the outcome. Please, along with me ,let us wish for the best !!!!
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Took my girl in this morning and they are now doing ,finally,a urine test and more blood work. Doc just called and said she does have an infection and will put her on Baytril. Bad news is she has a grade 4 heart murmur and needs dental work also. Anesthesia is questionable ?? Doc will discuss it more when she gets the blood results back tomorrow. It is a wonderful vet ,but I cryed all the way home cause I am not ready to lose my Cookie. Anyone had a cat with a heart murmur??? I will be waiting for anyones answer..... Judy
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I had a cat with a murmur and she did fine through surgery as the vet did a blood test before she was up under to determine how much she could handle. She then brought her out of the anesthesia right away and we had no side effects. Discuss all possibilities with your new wonderful vet. I'm glad things are going to work out. Cookie is in wonderful hands. BTW, I have a huskie named Cookie.

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AWWW I am so glad Cookie is now going to a competant Vet!

She will be well taken care of.
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Thanks Val and I sure do hope you are correct. I just need some answers as to whether I should go ahead with the dental surgery. I certainly would not forgive myself if something went wrong during the procedure I have 3 cats and I love them all but my Cookie is the sweetest,most loving cat there is. I could pet her forever and she sleeps on me everynight. Even the gals at the vets office could not get over what a gentle cat she was in the office. No hissing or growling just a happy little girl. my I call her my Girlie,Girlie Girl !!!!she is the definition of sweetness!!!!There will never,in my life,be another cat like her !!!! Judy
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Oh I am glad to hear she has been taken care of for the infection. As for the dental work, what did they say she needed? Is there something really wrong or just a cleaning? Once the results come in and they determine what the underlying cause is on the murmur, you will have a better idea. Just try and take one step at a time. Cats live with heart murmur's for thier whole lives depending on the cause. You should know a little more tomorrow. Make sure and let us know what they find with the bloodwork.
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Doc called late this afternoon. Blood work showed slight liver and thyroid levels. Doc now wants to do a Free T4 thyroid test to get a better idea about her thyroid. She said an overactive thyroid could be the reason for the heart murmur. She will do the blood test when I bring her in 2 weeks for the urine check. Yes her teeth are really bad but I do not know what doc had in mind. Doc was more concerned with the heart and the blood in Cookies urine. I would imagine there would have to be some extensive dental work done,maybe even extractions. Thanks to everyone here for being so concerned. It really means a lot to me to have so many wonderful people giving advice and providing moral support You are all Judy
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I hope all goes well for poor Cookie. She's lucky to have a Mommy like you to care for her
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Thanks but you know I feel lucky to have such a wonderful cat in my life. She is the absolute best and so are my other two cats. My silly little Buzzy Boy and the mean and nasty Toonces. Well she is not really mean just sort of a loner who does not like to be bothered except by my husband. She simply adores him !!! Buzzy and Cookie are super pals even though she is 4 years older than him they both sleep in bed with me. Cookie sleeps on me and Buzz is at the end of the bed. I just LOVE my cats !!!!! Aren't they just the best animals in the world?????
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I am glad you switched vets and caught all this in time. Everything you have told us is completley treatable and she should have many more years to share with you. We will all be thinking of her and hoping she is on her way to feeling better and normal soon. Keep the updates coming so we know how she is doing.
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Hello everyone. just want you all to know that Cookie is soooo much better She is so very easy to pill and let me tell you it was a scary thought when the vet said meds are only in pill form Because she is such a gentle cat I am not having any problems pilling her myself !!! She is back to going in her litterbox and chasing the little bits of paper I throw for her. Funny how one can have tonsof cat toys but they would rather play with ordinary household stuff. My Buzz loves to play with the little rings you get off the plastic milk containers . Well anyway I just wanted everyone here to know that Cookie is on the road to recovery and to thank everyone for their concern
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Thats wonderful news I'm glad Cookie is feeling better
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Been thinking about her and I'm glad to hear such great news.

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I know I'm joining in late but I'm glad to see that you found such a wonderful and competent vet. Cookie is in good hands and you sound like a wonderful mommy. I also wanted to let you know that I also have a cat named Toonces and she is quite a character!
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Congratulations to both of you!! I am so happy she is back to her old self and is feeling much better.
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Im new to this board but I just wanted to say that I know how you feel. 2 years ago my little Missy passed away. She was 17years old and I had had her since she was born (had her mother and grandmother). She was my angel!!!!! I was actually on my way to the vet with her to make that big decision and on the way, she just looked up at me, took one deep breathe and that was it. I just about had a wreck!!!! I had to pull over, but at least I didn't have to make that decision. It hard, I know. You can never replace them. I do have other cats, one is 10 yrs old, one is 6mths old (new one) and one has adopted us so I don't know how old he is but very sweet.

Good luck with your little angel. I will keep her in my prayers and thoughts.

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Sorry, didn't realize there was more than 1 page to read, like I said, I'm new so I'm still learning. Glad to hear Cookie is doing better. Hope she has many more years of happieness!!!!

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I just want to thank all of you wonderful ladies for thinking and praying for my Cookie. She is still doing wonderfully !! THANK THE LORD !!! Your posts make me feel so much more confident that I have finally found a good vet It is a lifelong commitment being a pet owner so very rewarding and sometimes so difficult when they get ill. I enjoy everything about my cats,well maybe not their litterboxes and hairballs LOL Thanks again for caring !!!!!
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Hello and I have a question........ Cookie is going to have to start eating a special Kidney failure diet and I was wondering how to go about switching her from the Fancy feast that she loves??? Vet gave me many different brands of canned food to try but I have a feeling they all taste about the same...terrible Cookie spent the day Monday at the vet 8am till 5pm and still has a little blood in her urine so I got 10 more Baytril pills and she is showing sign of kidney failure,vet said not uncommon in a 16 year old cat, and her T4 just came back today and she will now start taking thyriod meds. Vet said just a small amount for now and then she wants to recheck her blood in 10 days. I sure wish things would slow down a bit because it BREAKS my heart to leave her there And she cries in the car during the whole trip which starts me to I know she is in good hands,but it hurts just the same. Anyway back to my question...... any tricky ideas on how to switch her diet Thanks
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Try mixing the foods slowly together to see if that works. I hope everything turns out ok for Cookie
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I know what your going thru. Before my Missy died, it was very hard. I could tell that it was time but just didn't know when until the day came and she could not get up. But what I said to myself was....if it is her time she had a wonderful long and loved live with me and she won't be hurting anymore because the last thing you want is for her to be suffering.

At least you have some options with Cookie and medicine to give her. Missy it was just old age, everything else was as normal as could be for her age.

I do agree with the others on mixing the food slowly. If you change her all together it could cause her to have diarea.

Good luck with her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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I agree, you need to gradually switch her over. If she is being stubborn, I would ask your vet about putting a little bit of fish oil in there to get her started with the new food. I know it's hard taking them to the vet. I always try to tell myself that it's going to help them feel better. I had one in the vets office for 2 weeks and it was awful. I hope she gets to feeling herself very soon
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