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Sadie is lonely

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I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas to help my kitty. Sadie who is 15 yrs old lost her younger sister Taz 14 yrs old on 4/13/05. We had to put Taz to sleep due to her kidneys failed. Sadie & Taz had been together 14 yrs. Now that it is only Sadie in the house, I know she is lonely. She follows me everywhere I go & doesnt seem to stop meowing. My hubby & I are gone 12+ hrs a day so by time we get home, Sadie is very vocal & starving for attention. I thought about getting Sadie a stuffed animal for "company" but not sure if that will help her. I am pretty much at a loss on what to do. I know she is suffering as much as me. If anyone has any idea, I would appericate any advice or suggestions. Maybe only time will help her.
Thank you
P.S. If anyone knows where I can get a good picture of some paw prints, can you let me know, I am planning on getting a tattoo in memory of Taz.
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Id suggest getting another cat not a kitten but a older cat from some sort of animal care.
i know my cat is lonely too and im here the whole day! but right at this moment i cant get another one as much as i want to
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I think the best thing for Sadie is a new girlfriend. I would suggest going to Petsmart and adopting an older female cat for her. A young cat may be too playful, and will just pester her, especially a young male! You may even want to call ahead to the local rescue groups. They may have many females who are 3 yrs old and older, who have little other chance of being adopted, but who would be perfect for you.

I think 12 hours is a very long time to be alone! Sorry for your loss, putting a cat to sleep is always a difficult decision, and painful. And I'll bet the tattoo parlor has pawprints. Or you could make Sadie prints on a piece of paper and bring in!000000000000000
(The 000's are from my cat Garfield, he says "Condolences tu Sadie. It iz a sad dey when a sisfur iz lost. Yu must cunvince ur Meowmie to get a nu cat fur u to boss around all dey! Also ask fur extra shrimpies tu help u feel better.)

Here is a picture of Garfield (background) and Jill (in front). She was a foster kitty, and is no longer at my house.
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So sorry to hear about Taz. With the loss of her sister, and being alone for 12 hours every day, it's no wonder poor Sadie is lonely.

I agree with the advice you've gotten about getting Sadie another brother or sister. An adoption counselor at your local shelter will be able to match Sadie with an older kitty who will be compatible with her.

In the meantime, you can try using a Feliway plug-in diffuser to help ease her stress at being alone. There's also something called a "Snugglekitty" that is usually used to comfort orphaned kittens. It's a stuffed, plush cat with a battery-operated heartbeat sound. Make sure to leave a radio on playing soft music, or the TV so the house isn't silent. Leave lights on too. There are videos you could set up for Sadie that show birds, chipmunks, squirrels in the outdoors that many cats find entertaining.

The best thing, however, would be a friend.
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Thank you all for your input. I never thought about leaving on a radio. I think I will try and find some type of stuffed animal, I just cant bring in another kitty right now, Im still taking it pretty hard about Taz.
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