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Consequences of too much bathing

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Yikes! Over the weekend I met this fellow who admits bathing his 3 cats every Saturday. Is this too much? He uses human shampoo to boot. How can I tell him nicely that it's not a very good idea. Or am I mistaken and should mind my own business?
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It's not too much if it is a show cat. Other then that, I wouldn't chance bathing a cat that much. Especially using human shampoo is not a good idea. Maybe suggest to him to at least use a shampoo that is made for cats and do a final rinse with a couple gallons of water that has 2 tbs of vinegar in it. The vinegar will help to restore the ph balance of the skin. Really, if one doesn't have a long haired show cat, they shouldn't have to bathe their longhaired cats more then once a month, if that.
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good grief he must be brave! I hate bathing my molly cos she looks like a drowned rat afterwards! had to do it the other day cos god only knows what she had rolled it but eww it was grim!
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Yeah, I have lowered my expectations of others and just shrug my shoulders now. As long as they are not deliberately abusive and are providing food--water--shelter, I've decided to stop trying to set anyone straight about how they treat their pets. There's just not enough time in the day and at some point I have my own life to lead.
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some people need to clean their cats, my grandparents have to wash their 2 cats twice a week because of severe alergies, the cats seem to enjoy it though, but yea tell him to check out kitty shampoos, and dry the cat well after hes does
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The Paul Mitchell cat shampoo is good stuff. I would definitely recommend a good, high quality cat shampoo with oatmeal. I have to bathe my girls every few months or so because of my allergies.
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I have a shampoo I bought from my vet that is suppose to help with allergies. I also bath mine 1-2 times a month due to allergies.
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