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My kittens (twins - Kane and Keo)

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the twins were born on March 7th and they were healthy -- smile! I started to notice Kane's behavior - especially when it comes to eating food. Should they be eating dry food first then the soft food later ? Because when I feed the older cats (I have 3 older cats), the kittens eat the soft food, and I saw soft poop (not normal poop), and noticed that Kane wasn't feeling good, but his twin brother Keo is fine. Any advice ?
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What do you mean isn't feeling good? In what way? They are of the age when canned food is fine, as long as it is quality canned food and not junky canned food-
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Well, I noticed his poop is dark grayish, liquid form. Keo's fine, but not Kane. We usually buy Hill Country Fare (from HEB in Texas - a grocery store) that is 24 cents. We try to save money, though we like the expensive quality food, but we are trying to save money.

We are moving to a new home at a duplex because the area where we live is bad, and the environment is not clean - especially with fleas. We keep our cats indoors all the time but somehow they get fleas - how is that possible ? What can we do to prevent that - and would that cause Kane to feel lousy ?
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Feeling lousy doesn't give much to go on? If the kitten is laying around, drooling, has discharge from nose or eyes, has diarrhea, won't eat or drink or play.........or is running a fever that all deserves a vet visit. They are still pretty young to be on solids all the way yet, you might try kitten glop (recipe is on www.kitten-rescue.com )

Quality food is not about money per se, but more about ingredients and how you introduce the food which should be slowly and in small amounts. If you have flea-treated Kane with an over the counter flea treatment- get this kitten to the vet NOW! Over the counter flea treatments do not work, and they sometimes harm even kill. Fleas come in anyway they can find a route. They can jump 13 feet, so they can come in on your clothes, shoes, products you buy really anything. You should talk to your vet about how to safely de-flea small kittens, using adult strength products on them can make them very ill.

You can also always call your vet and ask him or her about Kane.
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