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Pics of Cleo's Rudy Tootie Fresh & Fruity :)  

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Cleo asked me to post these pics of her baby Rudy He's so adorable I could squeeeeeze him!

Okay, I believe this is the first one....he still has his whiskers!
:laughing2 Poor baby!
I do believe that this one is the second one....OH NO...there's the candle! EEEEKS! I don't see the whiskers!

This is where he's licking his wounds...I think the poor lil' guys pride is hurt too

He's still a beauty. I guess he won't be getting that wax removal job anymore Cleo! :laughing2

Love ya,
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he's a little angel! I love the last pic the best
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What an expressive face this little guy has
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I want him! What an adorable Furbaby You must be a proud Kitty Mommy
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He's beautiful. I love pointed siamese. He looks like he's got a little "devil" in him too!
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Oh Rudy is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with AP, the last one is my favorite!!!
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A clean shaven Rudy is a real thing of beauty!
Sorry.......... bad poem.......will just go and hide now
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:LOL::LOL: Deb, you kill me girrrrrrl! :LOL::LOL:

Love ya,
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That's what 5 cups of coffee and 9 cats in the house will do to a woman!
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Jeeeeeeez, no wonder what's been going on around here!
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Actually, the candle pic was a few minutes Before he became a Crinkle Cut Frybaby...the tree pic is where he ran to hide after I blew out the candles and he stuck his little meathooks in the wax!
He still has whiskers, they're just shorter and curly on the ends! :laughing2:

He really isnt much of a trouble maker, but he loves to chase Lily through the house! She's so good with him, wrestles him, but never hurts him or makes him cry...heck, she could easily have him for dinner if she felt like it!

The last pic was just one of those rare quiet moments...ahhhh.

The color in the pics isnt too good, really doesnt do him justice, he has gorgeous eyes, a very pale blue, almost white around the edges!
I may have to change his name, he sure isnt my Really Ugly Duckling anymore!
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he certainly is NO ugly duckling!
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Nope, he's shaping up nicely!

He was such a 'lil lump head for awhile though, he still has the bags under his eyes and kinda puffy cheeks, but he is slowly turning into the Beautiful Swan! And ya know, even at his awkward stage, he was still beautiful to me!

He's still so small though, the guy I gave Poppy(now Buttons) to brought her into the bar last night when they got back from getting her shots at the vets (yay!), and she is so much bigger than Rudy!

I pulled her out of the carrier and she snuggled up onto my shoulder and started purring! It was like she had never left me, it about broke my heart, but she has an excellent home now, and I feel good about that.

Anyway, thnks for all the nice comments on Rudy, he's such a character, and keeps me smiling throughout the whole day!

We do have a question, but I'll post it the behaviour forum tomorrow, when I figure out a tactful way to put it...
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Gosh, he's lovely! I want a Siamese, someday before I die, if I ever get around to actually buying a cat from a breeder rather than snagging them from shelters . . . He looks so cute and intelligent.
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I didn't get Rudy from a breeder, or even a petstore or shelter.
My 3 yr old Cagney went on a little "vacation" and came home pregnant, and she gifted me with 5 kittens, 4 of which lived, and 3 were Siamese! (1 Siamese passed)
Cagney is part Siamese, although you cant tell, shes a B&W tuxedo, but she has the meezer meow!

Anyway, I have no clue who Daddy is, but the babies must be throwbacks or something?

Whatever the case, he's my Rudy Cutie Patootie! (I need more coffee!)
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Rudy is Sooo.. Cute!
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Awww Cleo!!! He is SOOOOO cute!!! what a honey bunch!!! yum yum yum.....(why is it that when they're that small you just wanna put them in your mouth?!!! ha ha ha ha ha....ok, sorry thats just me being weird...I'll go now!! )
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OMG Rhea!!! :LOL: I do that too! I call it the "kittymonster sammich" or "kittymunch time!" :laughing2 I love it...I actually do it too! hahaha...If they're really small...(don't freak) but, I put their heads in my mouth! OMG!! Secrets!!!! :LOL: Then of course I have to take big kisses out on their tummys and paws too.

Okay, yes, I am coming out with a new 12 step group: "Kitty Munchers Anonymous! :LOL:

LoVe Ya,
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:laughing: Glad to know Im not the only weirdo here!! ha ha ha ha :laughing2
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"Hi, I'm Cleo, and I'm a KittyMuncher"

I do it too...not the head, but I love to nibble on the underside of his little chin!
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I have never stuck my cats heads in my mouth, but I have a feeling that makes ME weird!
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Colby, start small...nibble a paw, smooch a little nose...soon you'll be a member too! :LOL:

I still favor that soft, warm underside of the chin though, when you nuzzle there you can feel their little breath in your ear.
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Definitely paws and ears. I'd be nibbling those little chocolate toes and ears if he was mine . . . I don't think I'm brave enough to put a whole head in my mouth! Kind of payback for all those guys who put their heads in lions' mouths!
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I will nuzzle but I'm NOT cramming my cats head in my mouth! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

and I can't kiss paws because they walk in kitty litter that covers thier waste. My SI is a health inspector and since I've been with him I think about things like that. (never used to before, but oh well)

plus my 2 were semi-ferals, and they wouldn't let me put them on thier backs and mess with thier stomachs. But they are my girls and I love them dearly, even if they aren't all touch-feely.
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For goodness sake, if you plan to stick a cats head in your mouth, don't eat anything with garlic in it. I can't help but wonder what the cats thinking. Probably something like..."AHHHHH! HAAAALP!" :LOL:
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:LOL::LOL: Ooooo...How about those people that there dogs lick them on their mouths, blech...I find that much more disgusting...so to each his/her own.
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I don't know Mellissa, my cats put their heads into my husband's shoes BY CHOICE, so garlic might not bother them . . .
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Okay, I'm bringing this up to the top to show DebbieA my handsome/ugly boy since she's waiting on a Sealpoint, and also just so I can show him off some more!

Cant help myself, he's just too cute to keep all to myself! :LOL:
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Cleo, as I said before, your baby is absolutely ADORABLE (like her moma)
I have never put my kitties heads in my mouth, but my parakeet (before she died) used to stick her whole head in my mouth!! I would just be sitting there holding her, and she would fly up to my face, and when I opened my mouth to talk to her, she would poke her head in! It was the funniest thing! She would even peck at my teeth! Talk about not having to use dental floss! :LOL:
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Oh, I really want to see your sealy boy...Rudy...but, all I see are the evil red xxxxxx !!! Help.....
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