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Well, I have spent hours and hours down at the new place cleaning and moving things. Today I went down with my friend and moved a bunch of stuff out of the living room to the upstairs. I started feeling good about it and it's looking really nice now so I thought, great I am really excited about this! I just talked to Mark yesterday on the phone and he was super nice and said, I just stopped in the house for a sec but boy, you have gotten alot done! I said, yeah we've been working hard. Then I said (for a second time just to be sure) "so whatever things I don't want downstairs, it's ok to put upstairs?" He said, "of course! and I am sorry that I'm not able to help right now" I said, "no worries, I don't mind doing this and I will get the stuff stored no problem" I also told him that the cable people are coming on Wednesday to install the cable and I am ready to move my stuff in soon since I am all packed up and don't want to pay for cable at two places. He agreed with that and said he would get this door up (in the kitchen) for me this week so I could start moving things in. Then, he even offered to help me move things on Saturday! I thought, man, this is great!
Now today I talked to my mom. We had plans of going down there tonight to finish up cleaning. Well, she said that Mark called her last night and could not believe that I took things off the wall and moved everything around!! ::censor::censor::censor:: I was so confused! I asked her, "why would he say that? I just talked to him yesterday and clarified that the things I didn't want I would move upstairs" She then tells me that she thinks he was thinking that I was going to move in there just like it was and use her stuff! So, at this point I am fuming!!! I told her I didn't understand that because I have talked to him twice about this and he told me whatever I didn't want for my own, we would get rid of or move upstairs!!! I mean come on now, I am 30 years old and have my own stuff and he knows that! Needless to say, I am ticked off! Then I asked my mom what she said to him about it. She said, "well nothing, what could I say?" I told her she could have said that she knows that I clarified this with him. My friend says that maybe he is just in shock because her stuff has not been touched in 10 years. But if that's the case, all he would have had to do was tell me that he wasn't comfortable with me moving anything and I would have never done this! I would have found another place to live! I am so upset right now. My mom said that we just need to keep moving forward, clean up the rest of what I don't want and be done with it. Well, I am uncomfortable now and upset that he didn't say something to me but goes behind my back and tells her something totally different!! I feel like I don't want to even unpack my things and will just live there temporarily until I find another place. I don't know. I am just so upset inside. I can't believe he wouldn't have said anything to me. I don't know what to do now and am wondering if I should even have the cable hooked up or just forget this whole thing! I guess I will just go out to the barn with my mom tonight when she goes to feed her horse and Mark will be out there, then in front of both of them, we need to get this straightened out. Because if he doesn't like what's happening, then we need not to do this.
I am angry and hurt and frustrated. I have only had 2 hrs of sleep and I am just exhausted. Plus with final exams at school this week, it's just been a nightmare.
Well, sorry for the obnoxiously long post. I just really needed to vent this out.
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Congratulations and good wishes on your new home. Yes the initial move is alot of work but so worth it when you get settled in. It sounds so much better than where you are at now and I am so happy for you.
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Thank you. I hope I can get this all worked out. I'M SO STRESSED!!! Can't wait til everything is settled and done. After this move, I am buying a house.
Thanks for the good wishes! I appreciate it.
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Well, after much frustration this week....... I will vent about that later..... I am finally making the final move tomorrow. I will be so glad to not continue living out of boxes! What a pain in the butt. Anyway, I am getting up in the morning and getting it done. I hope it goes fast and easy.
Thanks to everyone for wishing me good vibes and I will let you know when I am settled in.
Thanks again!!!!
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