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Help please with three cats don't want to stay indoors!!

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Hi, I have three cats (one the mother, two her babies) very accustomed to go outside home at least a couple times during the day, the neighborhood is very safe for them to do it so, but recently they started pooing and peeing at my very nice neighbors house, specificly in the sand part of a play ground that my neighbors accoinditionated for their kid...so you can imagine how they feel with the situation, the point is that every time a let my cats go outside, the first thing they do is to go to my neighbors's sand and poo....I have been watching them and it seems for them is a neccesity. What I do now is not to let them go outside, and they just are very unhappy, kittys follow me wherever I go and cry and cry....I don't want to have them forever completly indoors knowing how much they enjoy having at least a couple hours taking the sun outside, but neither I want to disturb my neighbors with another "accident" from my cats....I do have a fance surrounding the small backyard of my house, by kittys figure out how to climb it very easy....If somebody knows what to do in this case please, please give me an advise.
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Two things I can think of, you can purchase sprays and such that animals do not like the smell of and give it to your neighbors to try and see if it works on your cats...and always pay for more...or what about harnesses and a lead for time outside to play in your own backyard?
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Can you build a sandbox on your side of the fense? I'd think if you offer them a close-by solution, they'll switch to your yard.

Also, what about a few litterboxes, filled with sand from your neighbour's sandbox, right next to thh fence?

I'm sure you can recondition them
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if you are now keeping them indoors, you could also just continue to do so. they should eventually learn the indoors is their home. They are young enough, at least the kittens are. letting cats outside, even if it is a safe environment, there are other animals they can come into contact with. they have to have their vaccinations every year to make sure they don't get sick. if they are indoors only, you can relax a bit on the vaccinations every year and sometimes push it a bit longer.

also you can't let them out if they aren't fixed because, I don't know how old the babies are, but they can go into heat or start to spray (depending on their sex) at 5 months. they can be fixed as young as 12 weeks or 2 lbs. i hope you are planning on doing that either way, but you must if they are outdoor cats.

ALSO if you get them fixed, this may cut back on their need to roam and be outdoors. mine are fixed and i let the one out occationally and he won't leave the back patio. especially if the babies are male, you will have dirty beat up cats who smell the worst and the peeing in the neighbors sandbox will be even more horribley smelling.

How old are the babies?
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I would suggest this...http://www.drsfostersmith.com/Produc...?N=2002+113759
Also, Jen is exactly right. They will get used to living indoors. It will just take a readjustment period. I brought in an outside cat and she learned to be just as happy indoors and she was much safer.
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Hi, thanks a lot for the advice; I said babies because for me they are so cute, but they are really 8 months old, yes they have been fixed but still crave for the outdoors...also the mother is fixed and probably she was the one who taught the sons the love for the outdoors....thanks again
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Thanks to everybody for the smart advice, all the ideas have been very helpful and really appreciate all you guys....Juanita, Katito and Monky certanly will have a change for the best
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