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Need good thoughts for Alex, he's missing!

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Please send out some good thoughts for my Alex. He has gone missing last night. We have looked everywhere, talked with the neighbors, went through the woods and my hubby is putting up fliers now. He is one of 2 indoor/ outdoor cats that I have and he is such a good kitty, usually doesnt leave our yard and now he is just gone. We haved lived here for 10 years and he is usually sleeping on the front porch and scratching at the door when he wants to come in. He is about 12 years old and we miss him soo much. Please keep him in your thoughts. Come home Ally.
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i hope he comes home soon. sending you thoughts and prayers
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Good vibes your way for Alex to come home!!!
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We fed Moo cat this morning, and then he took off somewhere during a huge snowstorm! Go figure? I think the snow falling off the branches frightens him.

I hope Alex comes home soon! Sending him come home wishes.

Well, Moo Cat just came back and was waiting by the porch door. I'd like to know where this cat went during a snowstorm!

Again, I'm hoping Alex comes home soon. Best wishes for Alex.
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We have looked everywhere, still no Alex. We did put up a reward for him on the flyer, so maybe that will help people to keep an eye out for him. Poor boy, he is getting old but is a thin cat and is still jumping the 6 foot fence out back and climbing trees. Every morning, when he went out, he would climb a tree about half way and seems like he was making sure we saw him. It was like he was saying "Look at me Mom". I just feel sick but nothing else to do right now except wait.
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Malynn- so sorry that Alex is missing. Please take a look at this site:

Tuxedokitties mentioned it in a post several months ago to another member whose cat was missing. I gave this link to a woman in my area whose indoor-only cat got out and didn't come back. It helped her find her cat and bring her home after 5 weeks of being gone!

Best of luck to you - I hope Alex is just on a temporary "adventure" and will soon return.
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also this website I hope you get your guy back-
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Sending come home vibes Alex's way. Hope he shows up soon safe and sound.
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More "to home" vibes for Alex! I really pray he comes back soon!
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Thank you to everyone for their good thoughts, He's home! I stayed up half the night checking to see if he was at the door and I went to bed again at 4 a.m. and got up at 6:30 to get my daughter up for school and he was out there eating the food I had left out for him. He was so happy, purring and you can tell that he has been through something by the way he acts. He was starving! He had a bowl of catsip and some dry food and now he wants to go to sleep in his favorite spot in my closet! He wanted to go back outside but I wouldnt let him. I want to keep an eye and see if he is o.k. I'm thinking he got in someones garage or shed or something. All the cats were sniffing him like he was a new kitty. He's been through some ordeal, I just wish I knew.
Thanks so much for everyones well wishes for him. We are so happy he is home!
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Glad he is home!
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Terrific news Malynn!!!

Check him very carefully - if he was in a fight, the wounds may not be obvious but could be hidden under his hair (this happened to one of my feral kitties). Look especially at the shoulders and neck, and the hindquarters. Hopefully that didn't happen - as you said, he could have gotten locked in a shed or garage.

Glad you're home Alex!!!
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So glad he's home - I once spent a night wandering round looking for Dushka, who is ALWAYS home by dusk, and then at 7.00 AM my neighbour opened his cowshed and there she was! I know the rush of relief.
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A happy ending -I'm glad!!!
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Excellent news!!!
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Good to hear!
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Thanks for everyones good thoughts for Ally, he is happy to be home. He is doing fine, so far I dont see anything wrong with him. He had a stroke or something like it last year that I was concerned maybe he had another one while he was gone but he seems ok. He goes in Thursday for his annual vaccines, and I will get them to give him a good looking over. I'm so glad that's over, it was awful being worried about him. Thanks again for everyones kindness.
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I am so thrilled to hear he is back. Maybe he can show you in some way his story of what happened....... sending lots of hugs and comfort to you.
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