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this is getting out of control

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Our cat Roxxie started peeing out of her box. I took her to the vet and he said she had a UTI and put her on amoxicillan. I gave it all to her and he said to keep her in her room close to her litterbox. As I did. But she started doing it AGAIN!!!!! I can't figure out what the problem is. IF we keep her in her bedroom she uses the litterbox, but if we let her out of there she will pee anywhere she wants to. She knows where her box is as she is over a year old now and this just started the first time she went in heat. Could that have something to do with it? Her being in heat???????? She seems so scared of everything too. I tried mating her but she wanted nothing to do with it. So, I'm calling tomorrow to have her spayed. What could be causing this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so aggravated with her. any info would sure be helpful......
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How long has she been on the amoxicillan? If it's like any other medication (I wouldn't know, I haven't tried it), it'll take some time to kick in. Your post makes it sound like you got the stuff today, gave it to her, and she peed outside of her litterbox no more than a few hours later.

If she got the stuff a few weeks ago, then I can't help you, lol
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Sometimes, a UTI can take a couple of antibiotic courses to clear up. I would have her back in to the vet and have them take a sample to culture - you will be able to isolate the specific bacteria (or find out if it is crystals!) and find exactly the right antibiotic (or put her on special foods to dissolve the crystals) to fight it.

And YES - females in estus can and oftentimes DO spray. Having her spayed is a wonderful idea.
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Roxxie has been spayed. I feel really sorry for her. She seems so sad. I also had her declawed at the same time. The vet said that it would be better to do it all at once... so I did. I just feel bad for her cuz she seems sore. How long do I have to use paper in her litter box? Cuz she doesn't like the paper.
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We tell people 5 days with the paper in the litterbox, or you can get yesterdays news from Petco or Petsmart and that works too. It is better to do both surgery's at once instead of having to put her under and anesthetic twice. Roxie will be sore for awhile because she was older (we will not declaw after a cat is a year old), but it will get better.
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Why do vets do that? Offer declawing along with a spay? Makes me so angry. Of course she looks sad, she is in pain and wondering what she did to deserve this pain. Poor kitty! I would go out and get some of those puppy pads you can get a package cheaply at walmart, and just put them down around the litter box and allow her some mistakes, because she will not want to go very far on such sore pads. So don't get mad at her if she pees out of the box. She will need about a week to get adjusted to the declaw and get over the pain. Hopefully this vet gave her a pain patch or a pain shot?
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Pain medication is always given at the time of the declaw, usually one fast acting for the surgery and one that is more long lasting. Alot of vets that do declaws do keep up on the lastest in pain mangement to make thing more comfortable for the kitty.
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Wouldn't it be great if we could "de-claw" some of those vets?
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Wouldn't it be great if we could "de-claw" some of those vets?
I agree!
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Ladie, I'm sure you're probably doing this already, but talk to her gently, over and over, tell her what you need from her. Play music in the room you want her to use for her toilet and try not to show your stress or impatience with her. She'll pick right up on it, and because she's in pain, that will just exacerbate everything. Don't give up, remember her brain is so tiny compared to the size of our human brains!
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Okay.... I have been being very nice to her.... talking to her softly ..... playing the radio in the bedroom, got the yesterday's news litter.... and have done everything everyone has advised.... and she is still going out of her box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting pretty aggravated. She is walking around okay and jumping and playing but WILL NOT go in the box.... poop or pee. What the heck do I have to do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I washed her box out with bleach and baking soda in case there was something in there that she didn't like the smell of..... (I read to do that).... so now I don't know what else to do. Is she angry with me?????????????? She is still taking her antibiotic from her surgery to prevent infection. Her paws look great and so does her incision from her spaying. I give up!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what else to try..... any suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
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First, have a litle patience ... I sense your frustration, but unless you can calm down and think without anger, you won't solve anything. The idea about the pee pads around the box is a good one and one you should employ for now.

If you allow her free access to all areas of your home, I would suggest you keep a litter box in each area she is allowed to explore. Even the best of cats can sometimes have a urgent need and not have enough time to make it to the box.

When she uses the litter, praise her, give her a little of her favorite treat or in some other way, express your pleasure at her positive behavior. When she has an accident, instead of scolding her or yelling at her, simply clean it up well with an enzymatic cleaner and keep trying.

I still think she needs to have a urine culture done. Even though she is still on the antibiotics after her surgery, some bacteria which can cause UTI don't respond well to a broad spectrum agent like amoxi ... you might have to try a different one.
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How long has it been since the surgery?
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You need patience. Because of the painful declaw (and I too HATE vets who offer to declaw with spaying ,arrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It should be illegal!!!), she now associates the litter box with pain and so she won't go there. You have to just try to retrain her - and have LOTS of patience. Probably Yesterday's News right from the start may have helped - it's hard to say. Poor little girl is prob still in pain!
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None of the vets I work with offer declaw with the spay, it is when the client specifically asks for it that we tell them if that is what they want it is better to do it at the same time instead of 2 seperate anesthetics.
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It could also be that the stress/pain of the declaw has made her ill and she needs to go back to the vet and get tested for UTI Also buy a couple of other litter pans and throw the old one away. Use rabbit pellets instead of cat litter for awhile to see if that helps her with her problem, but please take her to the vet first to rule out a health issue.
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Well now I can't even get her into the box..... she jumps out of my hands before I can even push her in the box!!!!! She pooped and peed on the carpet during the nite AGAIN!!!!! I'm taking her in to the vet today to get her stitches removed... hopefully he can check for something.... she isn't even going close to the box.... right in the middle of the room!!!!! She also peed on my daughter's bed!!!!! WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Did you do as was suggested and get her a completely new box and litter?
Also, why are you "pushing" her into the box? It sounds as if she is obviously very freaked at the box and understandably jumps out of your arms as she knows you are going to push her in there.
I wouldn't go close to the box either if I were her.
I would try some of the suggestions listed and see what changes occur.
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why did you try and mate her? do you want more cats?
I dont mean to be rude but unless you plan to provide a home for all the kittens its a very odd thing to do.
I'm glad you spayed her instead
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Okay... I'm back again .... same problem..... Roxxie got spayed and is still peeing outside her box!!!!! She gets an extreme amount of attention so I know it's not that.... I took her to the vet... he checked her out and sent me home with kittie prozac.... which she hates to take, and foams at the mouth from it.... and it hasn't helped!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I tried breeding her... (3 months ago) this has been going on. I got the cat attract. She will go in there every so often but not all the time. She peed on the carpet, which I cut out, washed the floor with enzymatic cleaner and sealed it with KILTZ and 2 days later, she peed on that spot!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone tried that feliaway? Any other suggestions?????????????? Is there any hope for her?????????? Can I retrain her? The vet said to get new litter and a new box ... did this too.... A friend of mine told me to put her in a big cage with just her litter box and food so she gets the idea that she has to go in the box.... anyone heard of this before. It's getting very frustrating... and my husband wants to get rid of her..... so PLEASE HELP ME FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would put her in a small area (like a large dog kennel or a bathroom) like your friend suggested. Keep the litterbox very clean continue to use the cat attract and the feliway wouldn't hurt either. Basically re-train her that her litterbox is the place to go. If you are not up to that then I would put several litterboxes through out the house where she is inclined to pee, if it is not in a good spot to put a litterbox then lay down a section of aluminum foil over that spot (tape the corners so it stays in that spot and is not easily moved) and have a litterbox close to that area.
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She is confined to my daughter's bedroom. That's where all her stuff is and that's where she sleeps at nite. During the day she is allowed to wander wherever she wants but at nite she stays with my daughter in her room.... and the weirdest thing is that's the only place she pees is in her room???????????? Why??????????
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Ok first of all you need to calm down. She will feed on your anxiety and your stress and it will make whatever is wrong worse. I don't know what you do when she has these accidents, but if you are punishing her in anyway, I would urge you to stop. Sometimes declawed cats have issues after their operation. It could be the litter is bothering her. if you use clumping litter, it could be causing little balls of litter to form under her pads. She could have an infection at one of the sites of the declawing. Did the vet check his work carefully? I would toss out any clay litter you are using right now, and look for something that is softer on her feet. My friend who rescues only declawed cats uses the follwing materials in her litter pans:

rabbit pellets-dried beans-recycled newspaper- recycled cardboard-packing peanuts- and sawdust- and any of the green litters.

UTI's can reoccur, they are generally caused by stress and a declawing is very stressful (and unnecessary) for kitties. You need to stop pushing her into the litter pan, you are going to create an aggression mode in her if you keep trying to make her do what you want her to do instead of trying to find out why she is doing this. Cats are fastidious creatures, they don't like being dirty, and when they pee and poop out of the box there is always a reason. Sometimes it is health, othertimes it is environment, or behaviorial.
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I have never written a negative post like this before, but I am feeling angry & sad for your innocent kitty. This is not advice but a question.

Why did you decide to declaw your cat?
It is illegal in some states & should be everywhere. To declaw a cat is a decision for the benefit of you ... not your cat.

Now...because it has not worked out, your husband wants to "get rid of her." That is most likely a death sentence for your innocent furbaby who had done nothing wrong except to suffer? I feel so sad for your furbaby.

If you decide to "get rid of her"... please do everythng you can to find a loving rescue person, who will give her the love and care she needs.

I agree with Yosemite...your vet should be declawed for agreeing to do the surgery, let alone doing it along with spaying.

This is an edit:
Sorry to sound so harsh. I hope that you did not understand how cruel declawing was, when you decided to do it. You must feel some compassion for your kitty or you would not have come to TCS for help. Please understand ... it is your obligation, if you chose not to keep your baby because of behavior problems, to find a loving home where she will get the care that she needs.
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[i have a male cat that just got fixed about 2 weeks ago and before he went in he was not using the litter box for a while and going around the house he didn't have any kind of infection i took him to the vet but they thought that fixing him might help. now that he is fixed he is still going around the house and i don't have any clue as to why or how to fix the problem i have tried everything that i thought might work, but he doesn't care that he is getting yelled at or anything this behaviour just keeps on repaeting itself.i love him i don't want to get ride of him but i have had it. i hate coming home from work and spending an hour cleaning up after him. does anyone have any idea's as to how to fix this problem.
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Is the litter clean. Have you tried different litters, relocated the litter box, used more than one box in different locations at the same time. Many cats do not like scented litter, the texture may be wrong for your kitty & the location might not be good for your kitty. They need to feel safe when they go. Learn about cat litter habits.

With patience & knowledge you can solve the problem. Use the search tool in this thread to learn more. Use the net to educate yourself. Your furbaby is telling something about the litter, the box, the location or his health. Find out what the problem is & fix it. Then you will have a loving companion.
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Read back through this whole thread and take those suggestions because they are all very good, and to save us all the time to repeat it all. Also DON'T YELL AT YOUR CAT!! He isn't doing it to annoy you, there is a reason, he may be sick, in pain, have a UTI, etc...

And Ladie7...
xocats is right, you can't do something so traumatic to an animal and expect them to just happily go on with their lives. You had her claws ripped out, she needs time to adjust and get used to the unnaturalness of having no claws. She also has to learn that she can no longer stretch and scratch like a cat should. Give her a break. Keep her confined to a small place and retrain her with a new box and litter. She is probably in pain walking on the scoopable litter, or even on unscoopable. Like walking on gravel with blisters on your feet.

Seriously, try this:
Get a few brand new litterboxes (they are cheap) and put some unscoopable litter in one, shredded newspaper in another, and maybe something completely different in another (someone suggested rabbit pellets, or they sell Yesterdays News Litter and Feline Pine which turns into sawdust when peed on and there is very little odor) Give her some choices. Don't give up on her. You did something horrible to her for your convienence (sorry but that's the truth), and she has to adjust. Please be patient. She is not doing this on purpose, she doesn't know what happened or why you did this to her. Try that, at least offer shredded newspaper if you haven't already, it is softer on her extremely sensitive paws.
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Soory it looks like it has been awhile since you did the declawing, I didn't realize this thread went back 3 pages. Could she perhaps have another UTI? Have you taken her back to the vet lately? We usually put cats with UTI's on clavamox so maybe take her back and ask for something a little stronger. Once a cat gets a UTI it often is reoccurring. Any little bit of stress can bring it on again. Stress could be moving your furniture around and since you spayed and declawed her that is like 100x the stress. She could have another UTI. If you haven't lately, take her back to the vet, tell him all of the things you have tried.

Oh and by the way, what do you feed her? Buy her a pet store brand of good quality food like Nutro which has a kind that is specifically for UTI health. If that is what she has. Good luck...
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I'm so sorry everyone feels so against getting cats declawed. I never owned a cat before... this is our first and it's my daughter's cat. All my friends that have cats said get her declawed. All of their cats are declawed... so not knowing much about cats.... I did it. Yes.... now I am sorry that I did it because if I would have known it would have caused her this trauma I wouldn't have done it.... but like I said.... all my friend's cats are declawed so I thought it was the right thing to do. So, I changed the litterbox and the litter. She HATES shredded paper, she didn't like the Yesterday's News, I think it was too big and hard for her, and she really disliked any pellet type litter, so I bought the smallest litter and Cat Attract and starting using that. YES I did take her to the vet, he said there is no UTI, he believes its more behavioral than anything. He tried giving her some kitty prozac but she wouldn't take it so I'm not giving it to her. I got that feliaway spray and it seems to be helping. She is much calmer and I don't think she has been wetting outside the box. I haven't stepped in any wet spots and their has been clumps in her litter so she is using it some. Now I just have to figure out how to get the smell completely out of the room!!! I bought the enzymatic cleaner but still had to cut the carpet out and washed the floor underneath and sealed it with KILTZ but it still smells to me. So there must be another spot somewhere. But I will find it and take care of it. Thanks for all the feedback... both harsh and helpful it really helped alot. I'm so glad this forum is available because it really helps out alot.
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I would like to apologize for posting such a harsh message before I knew the background of why you got your baby declawed. Thank you for explaining that you did not know how tramatic declawing is on a kitty. You are not alone. I hope that information is spreading about why it is not a good choice. I admire you for having the courage to come back to TCS & explain what happened.

Because your vet ruled out health problems, Roxxie has probably been freaked out from the psychological & physicial trauma that she experienced...but it sounds like she is beginning to calm down. As frustrated as you were, you did not give up on her. You kept looking for solutions to stop her negative behavior & it looks like you are beginning to succeed.

Please stay with us at TCS. We share our experiences, good & bad. Also, check out the other forums on TCS. There is a lot of laughter here too. I would love to see pictures of Roxxie. You can post them in the Fur Pictures Only area.

Do not hesitate to ask questions. We all need help in raising our amazing furbabies. There is usually someone who has had a similar experience or who can guide you to information where you might find solutions.

I am so glad that things are improving for you & little Roxxie.
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