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Please Help me & Zoe!

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Please help. I'll give you some background, maybe that will help.

I have always been a dog person. We've had Yorkie's since I was born (before, actually) and I'd never really met a cat that I felt a connection with. When I moved in with my bf last Jan. we adopted a kitten. He was much more experienced with cats than I, but I really got close with this kitten. We adopted her from a local NoKill shelter and we really bonded with her. When my boyfriend and I broke up, he moved back to Florida (I'm in NY) and took Roxanne with him. I grieved and cursed him, but it was no use. He took her.

I moved out of that apartment and got my own place. And i decided that I wanted to get another kitten. That's when I met Zoe, at the same NoKill shelter. She's my baby. I love her like I gave birth to her. She was about 3 months old when I got her -- this was in Sept. of '04.

She's been great. Affectionate, playful.. everything you expect a kitten to be.

When monetary and parental health problems arose, I moved back to my parents house and had to introduce Zoe to Cady, my 10 year old Yorkie. The first hour or so of the introduction was.. not wonderful (I did it backwards, of course) but then.. it got okay. And Zoe quickly had the run of the house. She and Cady play around sometimes, but she's actually taken on a lot of my dogs traits (as well as becoming quite the treat-hound).

Now on to the problem.

I woke up this morning and she was fine. We played, and then I ran out to get my hair cut. When I got back, it was like a whole other cat had entered her body. At first, she seemed.. okay. She sniffed at me and then hopped off the bed. Then I couldn't find her for like an hour. She didn't come out to get a treat, she didn't come when I called her name (Which she always does). I finally found her buried deep under the bed. She wouldn't come near me. She seemed petrified. I left her alone and she finally peaked her head out like 15 minutes later. I picked her up and she immediately flattened her ears. She wouldn't let me kiss her (which she always did) and I let her go, but realized that she peed on my leg. She'd never done that before.

She isn't really responding when I call her name, though she has been out from under the bed a bit. She's walking very low to the ground and she just looks really scared. She seems physically fine, because she chased after the laser toy that I got for her, and she was alert.

She was letting me pet her a bit, but won't come up on the bed. I just got down on the ground to pet her and she freaked out and ran under the bed again. I have NO idea what could have happened. The only thing I can think of is that my hair is naturally curly.. but I had it blown straight today. But in the time I've had her, I've gone from blonde to red hair.. and it's been straight before. But there's NOTHING else that has changed. I thought maybe something happened with Cady, but Cady's fine.. and Zoe doesn't react any differently to her than normal.

Please help me. I don't have the knowledge and experience that you do (I've read through the forums, and you guys really know your cats), and my vet isn't in on Sundays. Thank you.
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Were there any dogs or cats where you had your hair done? Cats will pick up the scent of another animal very quickly and it scares them. Or, it could be just a scent on your clothing that reminds her of other animals. The behavior you're describing sounds like she is afraid. Give her time and she should get over it. If she doesn't, call your vet and get their opinion. Jones
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Oh Piety, How awful! I don't have any advice for you, but someone will be sure to respond soon. Just wanted to say hello to a fellow New Yorker. I'm sure you'll have your old Zoe back in no time. Fingers crossed for you. Just thought of this, did you have a perm, maybe the chemical smells?
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Thank you for your kind thoughts. No, I didn't get a perm. Just a shampoo and a blow-dry. Nothing I haven't gotten before. I'm thinking of just rewashing my hair with my normal shampoo, in case that's what's freaking her out.
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Thank you for your reply.

There weren't any other animals around, though I've been around animals before and come home to her, she doesn't bat an eyelash. She lets me pet her now, but won't come on the bed (her formerlly favorite place to be) and won't let me pick her up. I'm having fits of my own now.
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Y'know.. I found some catnip last night that she never responded to when she was a baby and gave it to her. She really seemed to like it - was rubbing her face all over it. And after she was done, I put it away in a drawer. I brought it out just now and tossed it on the bed. She went up on the bed for the first time and was rubbing against it again.

Could it have been the catnip that made her freak out?
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Your cat sound slike something spooked it, good!

I wouldn't worry too much...I am sure she will calm down and be ok.

My fiance, was never raised around cats...and whenever something around here happens and one of the cats act differently, can't be found for awhile, etc...he freaks out. I always tell him, let it go, cats do starnge things sometimes...they will be fine, and they always are.

I admit, peeing on your leg is extreme, but it can happen. Just keep an eye on her...I am sure she will come out of it. It could have been a smell she remembers with bad memories, a really loud sound...maybe the dog barked at something fiercely, who knows...but she should be ok soon.
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I think you came home smelling strange in some way and she couldn't relate to you, or was confused byt hee mix of 'good' and 'bad' smells you were giving off. Cats won't usually care aboiut colour or shape - it's smell that matters. It will wear off and she will be fine again.
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Thank you all for your support, kind words, and information.

After washing whatever they put in my hair out on Sunday (And sending $60 right down the drain, but so worth it!), Zoe started to come around. By Wednesday (today) she is acting like her old self again. So I guess it was just the scent of the shampoo/conditioner they put in my hair that freaked her out.

Thank you again for your help.
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