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I am going to write a letter too. Thanks for giving me the address!!!!!
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BTW, is there an address for Denise so we can send letters of support to her? She should know about this site and about so many people that care about Max.
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Hi Nena :angel2:

Sure, you can email her at DBaltrons@aol.com...she'd be more than happy to hear from you! Yes, she does know about the CatSite, this is how I met Max. Strange, but she became a member much later!

Currently, Denice is recovering from major neck surgery and I'm sure even if you drop a "HELLO" to her...you'd get her out of a slump. Anyone that's ever experienced major surgery understands there's a "down" side to getting well.

She's a great person and has endured so much. Even now, after her surgery, she is still rescuing ferals, and adopting babies taken waaaaaay to early or finding them at her doorstep. She's a total angel and she is so committed to her cats.

This guy had no idea what he was up against the day he made that tragic decision! He does now and I know that evil person will never forget!

Thanks for caring Nena...and if anyone else would like to say hello to her...please, by all means do so.

Love & Peace,
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Ahem, last time i checked, my name wasn't Ken

It's OK. I just came in to ask which channel is this show on? Animal Planet right? I just need to get my shows straight before I sit down to type out a letter! WOuldn't want those Discovery channel folks thinking I was insane.
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OMG!! I'm so sorry!!! I am so embarrassed Please forgive me! I am loooking at your avatar and I am thinking of Imagyne! Would like to be called Illusion, maybe that's even your name! I don't know...Awwww I do apologize...

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*lol* It's OK Catarina! Our (Ken and my) nicknames are really similar (Imagyne, Illusion) Actually my name is Caycee.

OK so this show is called Busted right? and it's on Animal Planet?
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Oh, by the way...the show is called "Busted". You can just send it to the Animal Planet Headquarters in Kentucky and they'll forward it to the right people! You're great!

Thanks again Illusion (did I mention how embarrassed I am?) :LOL:

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It's ok really! :flower: :daisy: :kitty5: :daisy: :flower:

I am glad I can help this time. I mean it doesn't take but 34 cents and a few miniutes to type out a letter.
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You know what!? I'm never going to forget your name!!! :laughing2

You'll be going in my memory banks to be stored in there indefintely! :laughing2...that's what a lesson like that'll do to someone! :laughing2...okay, now I'm going to go to my other Threads and give credit where credits due! :laughing2...but ya gotta love Ken too right! We've got some killer people on here! :LOL: Thanks for being so cool about it Caycee.

Yep, this show is actually part of the Discovery Channel that hosts Animal Planet and the shows that derive from it...These people seem very sincere, but I can't even imagine the amount of cases they'll be reviewing. I just thought Max's had an edge since the guy that took his life was an officer of the law. Well, we'll see huh?

Thanks again Caycee...
Love ya,
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