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KMR or Glop

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I am wanting to hear from those of you who either use KMR formula or make your own glop.....and why you feel one is better than another.
I have read so much on this topic and it leaves me confused. Wanted to hear from those of you who have had experience with both.

Thank You,
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I dont have any experience but i think Hissy does?
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I'll move this to Pregnant Cats & Newborn Kittens forum.
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I tried both the KMR and the Glop...I had better experiance with the KMR. It seemed a little easier for them to eat.
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I acutually prefer a formula called "Whiskas Cat Milk." It can be used for both pregnant and nursing mothers as well as kittens. I have raised bottle babies for years now and I have found the whiskas formula to be much better for a young kittens digestive tract than KMR. It is also easier when you have to wake up for those late night feedings because it is in the liquid form, so all you have to do is heat it up. I have found that my foster kittens prefer the taste of Whiskas to KMR. Also it is less expensive, so that will help out budget wise. You can purchase it at most local Kroger's grocery chains, Petco, and Petsmarts. It comes in a 3 pack...and i have to say, it is definitely the best thing i've come across since I started fostering kittens. I would highly recomend Whiskas Cat Milk over KMR and Glop. Goodluck!! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
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whiskas cat milk in england can't be used to feed kitten under age of 4 weeks

strange hey

they only two types in england and i have bottle fed once my vet said because it was later to make my own but to get the real powder in the morning so i hope that helps
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