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The Tree is UP!!!!!!!

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I just finished putting up my tree! Yay!!
Its tradition in our family to xmas decorate the day after Thanksgiving, so that made today the day! Although, I didn't get the outside lights up. Only the inside decorations. I hope to finish tomorrow. Boy, am I tired.
Anyone else decorate today??
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I've had some stuff up for about a week now, Hissy inspired me!

I live in an apt, so I put lights on my balcony, and a lighted wreath with an angel out there too.
Inside I have a 4 ft. fake tree, and a few small decorations.

The "real" tree will go up in a week or 2, gonna let the cats get bored with knocking this one down first! :LOL:
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Believe it or not, our least is up Dec1 and we are moving!

It's only about 3 miles, but you still have to pack everything and load a truck and unload the truck and unpack everything and put it away.

So no decorating here, and probably a good week in the new place before I get to it. Gonna be a very simple Christmas for us this year.
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I think were going to put the tree up next weekend, I am really looking forward to it! A tree just cheers the whole house up!
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I'm hoping to put up the tree this weekend
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I am sure the cats will have it down by Tuesday at the latest.
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Amazingly, Sunshine and Simon didn't even go near the tree. I don't know why, they looked at and even walked underneath, but no attacking what so ever. Weird cats I have!!
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We will be putting up our tree and getting out all our Christmas decorations this weekend. It's been our tradition for years to decorate the first weekend after Thanksgiving.
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well the tree is up, it's just not decorated yet! It's got lights on it but I need to go buy decorations. Can't find the old ones. I haven't put up a tree since I moved in so I'm not sure what happened to them
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I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!
I spent a long time today putting up lights on our glassed in porch. I have those icicle lights, and I had to attach them to where the blinds hang. Anyway, I finally got them up and straight, and DOH I put them on and two of the strands are only Half working!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH, I knew I should have tested them first and I am sooooooo mad now. What a waste of a day, guess what I am doing tomorrow??????????????
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LOL...you are always supposed to check the lights first
We did the inside of the house on Saturday. The outside may get started tomorrow if it stops raining. Hubby did the same thing, he got the lights wrapped around the banister and half the string was out..LOL. We get a fresh tree, so we don't get it up until the 2nd to 3rd week in Dec, that way we don't worry about it getting dry and starting a fire. We have baseboard heaters here and it sucks all the moisture out of the air. I really love this time of year...I can't wait to get the tree!!
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Love the smell of pine in the house. I can go outside and stand under the pine trees but bringing a live tree in the house just kind of wakes things up
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Well I am only putting up a tiny tree this year that sits on the end table. Thats it... We are not having a big celebration at my house so no need to put up big tree. Besides my daughter in Germany borrowed most of my decorations as she is having a big open house for all military personal on the post. She is putting up a couple of big trees!!! Glad its her and not me. And none of the other kids or grandkids will be here either. May not even cook! Kiki Kat has never taken any interest in the xmas tree. She totally ignores it!

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Meme, what base is your daughter on? I spent 7 years there in Frankfurt, Giessen, Friedberg, and Butzbach. Also, my motherinlaw lives in Wiesbaden. ( My husband is German )
Is she at any of those?
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Don't forget to have a look here:

Christmas Tip List for those all important cat safety tips!
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How does your family celebrate Hannukah? ( I hope i spelled that right) Did you get the cookbook yet?
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I am hoping to find another $10.00 christmas tree like I did last year. I need someone with a truck because last year I had to ride the bus. Not much fun. The tree was cheap but it lasted until January.
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