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Hello, new to the board.

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Hello, my name is Alan and I'm new to the board. I just found this board a couple of days ago and I must say I'm really impressed how nice the site is. My family and I just adopted a male 5 month old kitten that is a russian blue from a humane society. I must admit that I wasn't a cat fancier by no means, but this kitten has won me over ten fold! So far it has been a little bit of a shakey start for the little guy. We took him to the vet for his first check up and he failed somewhat. The vet said that Booda has chalymidia(sp?) or URI so he administered antibiodics. Then he said it has fleas, which we knew, so then came the Frontline treatment. That was some impressive stuff. Other than that he said that he was healthy. Now we are waiting on the URI to get cleared up so he can get nuetered on the 14th. I know that a lot of people are against declawing, but he might have that done at the same time of the nuetering since the vet said that would be the best way to have it all done. Anyways, I hope not to be banished from the board if I do go ahead with the declawing, because it sure is nice to have a place to come for advice.
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First and foremost WELCOME!!!
Sounds like you have a lucky little guy there, and on the road to good health as well. Its great you are getting him spayed.
BUT, I have to say, you should really do some research before having your kitty declawed. I don't have the link in front of me, but I am sure someone will post the link to the photos of a declaw surgery. They actually remove the entire first joint and it is extrememly painful for your furball.
Also, I know that everyone says that a lot of cats who are declawed have behavioral problems afterward.
Please reconsider before you do this. I know a lot of others will also post more of the detailed drawbacks, but I know for sure that it is not recommended.
Again, welcome to TCS. Hope to see you posting often.
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Meant to say by the way, that I don't really ever think you'd be "banished" for having your kitty declawed..........its a great group of great people and I am sure you'll fit right in!!!
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Nope, no banishment, but be prepared for some pretty strong opinions on de-clawing..myself included.

There are so many reasons not to have your cat de-clawed, and so few in its favor. Please re-think this!

I think Hissy has the link to the site, or maybe Donna or Sandie? It's very graphic, and almost had me in tears.

Ok, done with the lecture, again, Welcome to the family, you'll love it here!
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Hello Alan and welcome to the site

Congratulations on your new kitty, he sounds like a sweetie.It was wonderful of you to adopt a shelter kitty I'm sure you'll fit right in here. Its a great place to come get info and just hang out and chat. I'm sure you needn't worry about banishment :LOL:

What are your reasons for declawing the kitty? Please don't have it done just because the Vet or anyone else told you its a 'routine procedure'. It is totally unneccessary and extremely painful for the cat, not just after the surgery, but for a long time afterwards, even years. Kitties that are declawed often develop behavioural problems, as dtolle said. They will refuse to use the litterbox and turn into withdrawn and fearful animals. This isn't a temporary condition, it alters their personality forever.

As dtolle also said, they don't just remove the claws, but the entire first knuckle joint. It would be similar to somone cutting off the tips of your fingers at the first joint and then telling you to walk on your hands. When the cats wake up from surgery they are in such extreme agony they hurl themselves at the walls of the cage because they can't deal with the pain. They soak bandage after bandage with blood. Is it a wonder they don't fully trust humans again?

I know you love your kitty, or else you wouldn't be here at this site. So please, do him a favor and get him a scratching post instead of putting him through that horrible pain. If scratching your furniture is a worry, a post like we have gets rid of that behaviour. I nailed a 3 ft post to a wodden base and wrapped Sisal rope around it the whole way down, securing it at the bottom. I rubbed a little catnip on it then took each kitty over to it and took their paws and made scratching motions on the post. They caught on right away and nevr touched the furniture again.

Heres a link you should check out before you make your decision :

I hope you enjoy it here, and look forward to your posts and hopefully pics of your beautiful Furball
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Melissa is right. I have two cats, one of which is a kitten. I don't even have scratching posts ( they don't like or use them ), but I've trained them not to touch the furniture. I have one little spot of rug that they ALWAYS use, and that is ok with us and with them.
Perhaps you have something already in your own house that he can use like an old chair or piece of inconspicuous rug??? Just an idea.
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Alan - Welcome and I hope that you will post often and send us a pic of your lovely little Russian Blue. I have to jump on the band wagon with the declawing thing too! There is a product called soft paws that works in protecting the furniture form the claws. They are glued on and work quite well! Please consider giving them a try. You will not ever regret a decision NOT to declaw the kitt!
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I just have one more thing to add, regarding declawing. Its a story a woman told on the site I posted a link to above.

She went to an adoption agency to adopt a kitty and upon arriving saw a cat with three legs there to be adopted out. She asked the handler why it had three legs and the handler said it was due to a botched declawing operation. The cat was in such agonizing pain that, while left alone in the recovery room ,it had chewed off most of one of its legs to get away from the pain. The Vet had no choice but to amputate the leg. I hope this story makes you reconsider.
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Hi and Welcome to the Cat Site.

As far as declawing, please read the link that Melissa posted before you declaw. Too many veterinarians are too quick to recommend declawing for the simple fact that it brings them money. It is deforming your cat. Cats are very easily trained to use a scratching post if you take the time to do it. Too many people don't take the time or are too busy and it's sad. Unfortunately, material items become more important than the cat's well being.

When a cat is declawed, it can develop litterbox problems because the litter hurts it's paws. It can also develop arthritis in it's paws and is unable to defend itself should it get out.

May I recommend "Soft Paws"? They are like Lee Press-On nails for cats and comes in wild colors. They eventually fall off and have to be replaced, but it is far better than deforming your cat and causing him pain and later on in life.
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Welcome to you Alan!! Yaaaay, another Iowan! What part of Iowa is Comanche in? I too hope you will decide not to have booda declawed, it is such an unnecessary and painful operation for them, and there are so many reasons not to do it.
I am really glad you have joined us here, and feel free to post often, and also, we would love to see a picture of your Booda!
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I must say I've always thought of myself as a rough & tough construction worker, but that sight that Melissa sent me to darn near had me in tears. I talked to my wife and we definetly have reconcidered the declawing. Now I just need to find a good scratching post. This kitten is such a "lap-cat" already at this age,I don't want to risk changing that or anything else about his personality. Thanks for the awakining. Debby, Camanche is in eastern Iowa right on the Mississippi river about 30 miles north of the Quad Cities.
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I have lots of inside outside cats and a sure fire way of teaching them to not claw anything other than what you want them to claw. The first thing is I hope you like eggs! Because at the grocery stores, you can buy those flats of eggs? 5 dozen each? You will want to buy a flat and you want the purple cardboard the eggs come in for your booda. Find a place to put the first flat of eggs then take the cardboard and toss it down on the floor to Booda. His first impulse is to pounce on it and he will scratch it all over. (I have never had a cat ignore this cardboard) It will take Booda about 2 weeks to destroy this cardboard, by then, you have another once ready because you have eaten the eggs down to the second level. Keep supplying him with these until you get him a scratching post, or make him one, then just move the cardboard near the post and sit back and let instinct take it's course. To keep him off the furniture, every morning just take a can of citrus scented air freshener and spray the sides of the couches, chairs whatever you don't want him to scratch. He will avoid it as cats hate citrus. By the time he is old enough, he will know the acceptable places he can scratch and the unacceptable places. Cats are quick learners and as long as you are consistent there shouldn't be any trouble. I am so THRILLED to hear that you will not get your kitty declawed. It really is a mutilation and nothing else and very unfair to the cat. Welcome to the board! Happy to have you here.
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Hissy has some great advice!
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so glad to hear that you're rethinking the declawing. I've got a co-worker who is considering get her cats declawed and Hissy and I are working on her to try and change her mind.
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Alan, Eastern Iowa, huh? I have a friend who lives in Eastern Iowa.
I am clear down South....

As far as the declawing....wow!! I am so glad you have reconsidered having him declawed!!!!!!

I didn't have any problems with Merlin clawing furniture, and I didn't buy any eggs, I just bought him a scratching post, and when he did on occasion start to scratch at the furniture, I said NO!!! in such a loud, harsh voice, that he looked at me like I was setting fire to his tail!!! :LOL: Then I would pick him up and take him over to the scratching post. He learned rather fast not to do that!
Good luck!
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I'm so glad you've changed your mind about declawing. Your kitty should thank you You're a good Kitty Daddy I can't wait to see some pics of Booda!
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Glad to see you are rethinking the declawing. Hope you don't feel as though we all ganged up on you!!
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Alan........Here is a 'thank you' party from your little kitty because you have decided NOT to de-claw him! HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS DECISION!!
(DAD IS AN ANGEL FOR NOT DOING THIS TO ME!) :blossom: :girlie: :girlie: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: (HE IS SMART TOO!) :flash: :flash: :laughing: :angel2: :opposite: :afrorainb :LOL: :LOL: :rednose: :rednose:
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