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Salem....the stray....

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I'm not sure if you guys remember, but when we had the lunar eclipse last October, I had posted a thread about my eclipse watching partner: A stray black cat, the neighbor lady said was named Salem. Well, Salem has been a regular out back and about two weekends ago, I was cleaning the porch and Salem joined me for a meal. So, I rushed upstairs to get my camera and here are the pictures. (I must add a disclaimer, the neighbor's girlfriend was outside and saw Salem and fell in love with her. She convinced her formerly cat hating boyfriend that Salem needed a new home and so he agreed to take her in, Salem is now Charcoal and all three are happy with the arrangement!)

On to the pictures!

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Amber that is so great to hear. What a gorgeous kitty. My very first kitty was a Bombay, very similar to her.
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Awww, that's my kitties name!!! His sister's name is Spook!
That is so sweet that they took her in. Glad to hear that!
What awesome pics! She is gorgeous.
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She's stunning! I'm glad she found a new home! I wish I could get a pic of our feral, Mike, but I will see him for a couple of days and then not for another two months.
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Hooray for Salem/Charcoal!
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Sweet looking cat
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Beautiful kitty!!!!!!
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What a pretty kitty! And I love happy endings.
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She's beautiful, I'm glad she has a home now.
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Glad to hear Salem/Charcoal has a home. Beautiful cat!
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