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Too much hairball medicine?

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This is kind of a weird question, but can you give a cat too much hairball medicine really? It doesnt say anything on the label except, 'only give cat 1inch strip once a week'. Sara usually gets it once a day, not a 1inch strip though. I have been kind of worried, will it hurt her if i give her to much. Since i do give it so often, i only give her like a little dab on the end of my finger. But it is her favorite food, she will sit and cry for it forever.

The good news is she has never had a hairball... but are there any bad effects that i am not seeing or dont know about?

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it may give her the runs since most of them are oil and sugar.My vet gave me one that said once every third day .. I would call the vet just to be sure...
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As Sharky pointed out, your cat could get loose stools. Too many commonly sold hairball meds will do this. Also, if you give the hairball remedy too close to mealtime, it can unfortunately "clean" the nutrients from the food, as well as the hair, right out of her system.

Most storebought hairball remedies contain petroleum which IMO is not a great ingredient for a cat to eat. I give mine a petroleum-free remedy called Vet Basis Hairball Gel. It can be placed on the cat's food if necessary, but my little guys like it so much I feed it to them from my finger as a treat 2-3 times per week.
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how about vasoline? my old roomate used to put some on our cats leg so they lick it off and she said she has always done that and it helps. she only did it once a week or every 2 weeks. does anyone if that is a bad idea or if it is ok to do?
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