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Ok. did anything go wrong with your dinner yesterday?

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My bread didn't rise correctly and the back-up biscuits burned. The turkey had no taste whatsover, I am wondering if they flash froze them, and then allowed them to thaw and then froze them again. Both hubby and I are kinda feeling ill this morning and so the ferals will be getting quite a feast of turkey this week! I am just glad it was the two of us and not other company here.

Anybody else have their Perfect Turkey Dinner go awry?
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Nothing went wrong that I know of, but I was guest, not the hostess!
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We didn't get sick, so I guess that is a good thing, considering I have never cooked a turkey or ham alone! The turkey breast didn't have much of a taste, so I tossed it.
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DO you even want to know?
Go read the thread Holiday Plans http://thecatsite.com/forums/showthr...9&pagenumber=2 to get a background.

OK, yesterday my mother and I spent all day cooking. Granted my mom only cooked 2 turkey breats and a ham, a pie, and some homemade soup and not some huge meal, but still it was a bit of work. So 4 o'clock was when we told our guests to be here. 4:30 rolls around, no guests! We tried calling them but they weren't home. Then my mom's BF pipes up that he can't get ahold of them because they are having dinner down at his son in law's family's house (!?!) Uhm they were SUPPOSED to be eating here, it's why we cooked all that da*n food! SO my mom, sister and I was like screw this and we ate. They finally showed up at 6 or so and sat around taking til 8. And yes they did talk some sh*t about people. They are feuding with her brother so they at and talked about them.But what peeved me the most was that her cousin just had a baby, and they were talking about how the baby wsn't bre.athing for so many minutes after birth. Then her husband pipes up that he hasn't talked to the uncle for a few weeks because (and he said it all like his feelings were hurt) "He's been busy or WHATEVER, doing the new grandpa thing, WHATEVER. SO he hasn't called us for a couple of weeks." I wanted to haul off and slap him.
Mind you this is going on all the while their kids are running wild in our house putting their dirty feet on our freshly painted walls, throwing aorund a dirty paper plate like a frisbee, etc. They scold their kids every once in awhile then brag about how they disciplined their kids at home for various things. Puh-leeze!
Then they get ready to leave near 8, and all the while they are saying crap about her brother, and how they have to leave because they know that he and his wife won't stop to visit us if they see his ister's car out front and proceed to talk smack about them.
Then close to 9PM mom's BF's son shows up and stays til 11 PM.

Now am I overreacting here or are these the rudest most immature bunch you've ever heard of?
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they sound rude and inconsiderate, but I've definitly heard of (and lived through) worse! :laughing:
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Everything went well here except for my Jello salad mold. I went to turn it onto the plate, and about half a cup of bright pink liquid went WHOOSH all over the plate, counter, floor and me! : Oh well, I turned it back into the mold, popped it into the freezer for a few minutes, and cleaned up the lovely pink mess! :LOL:

Besides that, everything was good...we had turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potato's, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, and the usual relish plate. My son even pitched in and made deviled eggs!

I made way too much for only 3 people, but I can never cook in small amounts, I always end up with too much! I think its from growing up poor and being afraid we'll go hungry...who knows?

The cats are loving it though, and Lily loves sweet potato's...goofy girl!
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Eep, AP, I told my mom when I leave home not to expect me to come over for the holidays EVER.

And last night mom's BF just kept saying that for Xmas we'll have a HUGE dinner with a whole turkey (no one eats anything but the breast in this family so why we need a whole turkey?) and blah blah blah. My mom was probably steaming. I seriously doubt she's going to cook for these people again this year. I told her we should take a vacation at Xmastime.
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Nope, the only thing was the potato episode, but other than that, I don't remember having such a great Thanksgiving Dinner with my Grandpa, Mom, Uncle Joe and my best friend Mike. It would've been great if Philip (my boyfriend) could've attended, but that's life.

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Our day was absolutely perfect. We had dinner at my parents w/ some of my siblings. Then we went to my older brothers house for desert. The only mishap was a pie that my sister in law made. The filling never "firmed up", needless to say you needed a spoon instead of a fork. But it was a great day!!
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