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Some fun things about my new kids

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1. My kids do not like the "cuddle cup"!! Little stinkers. I am so surprised. Its so soft and warm, I cannot believe they will not lay in it.

2. They both ALWAYS come in the bathroom whenever I go in there. Doesn't matter if they are dead asleep, they hear me walk in there and there they are!!

3. Salem is an awesome little hunter and he protects his mommy!!! For some reason I have box elder bugs and centipedes in the house. Well, the other night, I seen Salem all over something. I went to see and it was a centipede! He killed it!!!!! What a good boy. I didn't even see the stupid thing but they really freak me out so now I feel all safe!!!! Tonight, his sister Spook spotted one. She tried to take it out but was not as successful as her brother. I tried to get him to help her but no go, he didn't see that she was chasing something. So, I told her to leave that job up to her brother from now on.

Just had to share!! I am sooooooo excited that they are here with me. I just cannot contain myself!

Any suggestions on the cuddle cup? Do you think they will eventually like it?

Also, do kittens go through a growth spurt? They are 13 weeks old right now.

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My puppies always join me in the bathroom! It's funny when I don't close the door properly I see a little nose peek in and then another and then I have two big pups trying to jump in my lap!
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My cats keep my existence here insect free. I sometimes come across centipede carcasses... they always eat the spiders.

Mine also demand access to the bathroom at all times. In fact, if any door is closed the blue beasties will scratch and scratch until I let them in.
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Wellingtoncats - That's too cute about the pups!! What breed are they?

Vespacat - Well I am lovin this! Jessie would never take out a bug. She would watch me freak out and chase them all over, little brat! LOL
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Hee hee... your little guy Salem sounds like a most excellent hunter! Have you posted new pics since they've been home together?
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