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DESPERATE - Cats rescued from death need relocating

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(I'm posting this on behalf of a member on another cat message board. There were originally 13 cats rescued in Long Island, NY)

These guys need relocating ASAP. They were saved from death, not being fed, living in squalor. They've been neutered, vet checked, tested negative for FIV and FeLV but have nowhere to go. Need a sanctuary and/or several relocation options.

Can anyone out there take any of these guys into their colonies? They should at least go in pairs - there are 8 remaining.

Please help...time is running out and the situation is becoming more desperate.

Contact Randi: jrothstein1@msn.com
Home: 516-295-5619
Cell: 516-695-2579

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Here are a few links. I hope this helps! I am way out in Chicago, but I hope you can find someone nearby to help!

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Thanks so much, Beckiboo. I'll forward those links to Randi.
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Try Tabby's Place in Ringoes, NJ
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Pat & Alix - Just looked at the link you suggested. It seems like a wonderful sanctuary. Unfortunately, they currently aren't accepting any cats from the public. The majority of the cats in residence have been saved from euthanasia in other shelters.

Thank you so much, though. It's good to know that such a place exists to help save cats from "death row".
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Sorry - I've supported this place since it opened, it's one of my charities... my understanding has been they do take owner surrenders (some no kill do not ever) when they have room etc., just thought it might be worth an email even though this is a rescue situation with the cats needing replacement

I never hesitate to ask when working on rescue situations, the worst that can happen is they say no and I look like a fool
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P & A - You're right - nothing ventured, nothing gained. It can't hurt to try. I've forwarded your link to Randi too. Thanks again!
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No, I have to apologize. I went to their site and see there is a new note, that effective May 17 (?typo, wonder if they meant April?) they will not be accepting cats from the public.

I hoped it might be a way to place one or two of these kitties.
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Giving this a bump - hope some New Yorkers will see it.
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