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Anyone need a smile?

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Thanks! It's good to know what we're dealing with.

Emma suffers from Irritable Lap Syndrome.
Grace has bad bouts of Greeblingz.
Mac is horrible about Collapsible Legs.

At least we've got variety at our house!
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Oh that was cute, Mary Anne. Thanks for sharing!
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Omg Oscar is afflicted with the Bed-Hogging syndrome......what am I too do I guess I just have to hang on like I do now anyway

The Sammycat is afflicted with Snudging ...yep that's him alright and there is no cure for it either
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At least we're not alone here.

Mine suffer from almost all of those.

Lil' Jag: Greeblingz, Lap Fungus Disorder, Irritable Lap Syndrome, Bed-Hogging, Snudging, Non-Specific Insect Infestation and Collapsible Legs.

Luvbug: Greeblingz, Bed Hogging, Non-Specific Insect Infestation and Snudging.

Kuce: Same as Lil' Jag except she doesn't suffer from the Non-Specific Insect Infestation.

Sphinx (RB kitty): Same as Lil' Jag.
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I have greeblingz, snudging and non-specific insect infestation here!
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Even at her advanced age, Abbie still comes down with the occasional Greeblingz

My friend's kitten, Striker, has a terminal case of Smurgling...that kid has a serious jones for hair!

One of my foster babies, Boston, has a terrible case of Collapsible Legs! I do apply the suggested treatment, and carry the scratches to prove it!

Cute article!
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At last - a diagnosis for Lily's condition that strikes roughly once a day, especially after a particularly successful (and smelly) visit to the kitty toilet. She has GREEBLINGZ!!!!
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i think socks has all of them
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I think Chynna has the GREEBLINGZ with some irriatable lap syndrome here.
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So cute thanks for the laugh!
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