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My Loco is getting neutered today..

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and I miss him already! (He's only been gone for a few hours :tounge2: ) I went to say goodbye to him after they'd put him in the waiting cage. His eyes were as big as saucers and he let out the most pitiful meow when he saw me. I imagine it meant "Mommy! Take me outta here! Don't leave me!I'm scared!" He broke my heart the poor dear. My little Kiri has been pining for him all morning, she keeps pacing around the house mewing her head off. Loco has, of late, become her surrogate 'mommy'. She cuddles with him all the time and even 'nurses' on a clump of his fur. He allows her to do this, purring happily. Crazy cats! I'll be so glad when hes home again so I can give him kitty kisses and hugs
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Melissa, Im sure little Loco will be just fine! Bless 'em!! and good for you getting him "done" ha ha ha....Lots of hugs and kisses to him!
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I can empathize. Our little Sassy got spayed a couple of weeks ago and I didn't get to see her before she went (had to work, Mrs. took her). Worried about her all day. She got her stitches out a couple of days ago...I still feel bad for her (probably worse than she does!)

No doubt, he'll be fine, but that never stops the longing.

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Loco will be just fine Scooter got neutered last week, and I felt bad leaving him. He is such a baby now. He lays up on the desk and puts his head on my arm when I'm on the computer. I have noticed a little difference now.... he is not as wild, but still has his wild moments!
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I can totally relate to what you mean when you imagined what he was thinking. It is heartwrenching, but the good news is Loco will be home soon and Kiri will be loving all over her brother soon...(as well as MOMMY!) :laughing2

Love & Peace,
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Melissa - I know it is hard, but you are doing the best thing for him!
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Poor Loco is home and stumbling around the house. i tried to get him to lie on a blanket in the corner, but he wanted to get up in his favorite chair.He was wearing a diaper when I went to get him. It was pitiful, but cute in a way The Vet tech cut a hole in the back of a baby diaper for his tail and put it on him so he wouldn't pee everywhere in his carrier. It was full by the time we got home so i took it off. Poor fella. This is the 'after' picture.
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Still a sweet pic, but I sure wouldn't want to be him (not today, anyway!).

Interesting about the diaper...our vet didn't do that for Striker last year when he had his surgery...seems like a good idea, tho'...

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Poor little Loco - it looks like he doesn't know what hit him. The diaper is a GREAT idea. I think I will take some with me to the Vets when Smudgie and Ripley go! (Of course, I will have to buy some first)
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The diapers are a great idea. Every cat I've had neutered in the past has ended up needing a bath as they reeked of urine once I got them home. Theres nothing worse than having to bathe a groggy, ill kitty cat whos been through hell
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Loco is very beautiful, I am really glad everything went well for him!
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get well soon Loco!
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He'll be up to his old tricks very soon!
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Ok, how come they put a diaper on him? :confused3: Gizmo or Scooter didn't have one. Is it because Loco is younger than 6 months?

Glad to hear he did well!
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Nope, Loco is 6 months old today The cats will sometimes urinate as they are coming out of anesthesia so the diaper prevents them from getting it all over themselves. It worked, because Loco's diaper was full of pee when I took it off
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Oh, he is so beautiful! What a gorgeous tail he has!

He does look kinda sad and dazed though, poor little guy.I'm sure he'll be back to his old (young) self in no time!
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Melissa...your Loco is sooooo beautiful. His coloring is gorgeous He does looked kinda wiped out though...big day at the vets eeeeeks! :LOL: His little bottom may be sore for a couple of days...Opie and a couple of my boys had to be careful when they sat...kinda sore!

Love & Peace,
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Poor Loco looks like he wants to find a nice quiet place where he can recover!

Snowball was completely back to normal the morning after he was neutered. We were expecting him to be sore for a couple of days, but we didn't see any indications that he was!
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