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Tyler's doing the I'm 15 1/2 tango

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I can hope someone else will learn something from this. I have never seen what Tyler has in one eye before. The presumptive diagnosis at this point is Uveitis (bet I am mis-spelling this). The signs? Tyler has gorgeous green gold eyes. I noticed on Thursday eve that his left eye was now orange. And I do mean amber-orange. By morning when dh called to make a "please see us today" apt., the normally clear aspect to the cornea was visibly cloudy. No discharge, no obvious corneal lacerations, no punctures in the eye lid..nothing except he let me know it was painful when I gently tried to check out his lower eye lid.

He's now on a bazillion eye meds (atropine, prednisone drops, tobramycin as well as oral clavamox) but atop it all, is simply that his labs did not come back normal. He is high on his thyroid, his bun is now 45 and creatinine is 2.5, blood glucose level is also up.

I think the message is - Mom, please start cooking for me? I can not fathom finding the right canned food that he *will* eat for preventing oxalate crystals, handling the different needs of a crf kitty from a prediabetic/diabetic kitty who also has low potassium at the moment :/

I've been going over the home cooked recipes I've found when researching for other TCS members, and will dump the lot into my vet's lap so to speak.

I want the potential diagnosis of early crf to go away...having to put him on Tapazole is one thing, but knowing he is going down that road, I just do not want to see it. Having one, Patrick, is enough at one time.

One thing this has drilled into our brains...we are JUST paying off Tyler's hospitalization from when he developed a hematoma post bladder stone removal last Fall. I am going to act as if we are still making payments, and put it into savings as a kitty health account. It's just time.
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Pat- the lessons learned when an animal is fighting an affliction or an illness is both heart-wrenching and enlightning. It spurs us to try and do more than conventional meds can do, in the hopes of finding a better answer to stop all that is wrong. I hope you can find the right answer to help you with this, and to bring Tyler some more time.
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Thank you, we will sure try. He's actually gained 10 oz. since his last exam, and is getting back to his pre-bladder stone 'event' wt. His coat is shiny, he's just a gorgeous boy who doesn't look or act his age. It's just not his time.
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I have no advice ( umm never heard of it)... but I can say the homecooking wasnt one vets idea of good but two others said go for it... No throw up cept for the liquid pepcid here for about 2 weeks... and the cooking aint hard..
Sending :grouphugs:
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Thanks...I hope we can find the right recipe for him
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