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Ash's limp and other health subject

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I had been meaning to come in here and post about this but when I had adopted Ash, the lady at the animal shelter told me that the lady who brought him in said he hurt his leg...didn't say how or anything...but the lady at the shelter had told me he hadn't been limping, but seemed to favor his left front paw..what is weird is as soon as I brought him home he was limping.....well, I had taken him to the vet the following Wednesday after I got him to be nutered....the vet did an overall check up on him..checked for leukemia, came out negative! yay! anyway...
that afternoon when I went to pick him up, the vet had told me she thought he had fractured his elbow somehow and it healed on its own with no care at all
he doesnt seem to be in any pain with this but his elbow was a little swollen so she prescribed him some Cosequin for arthritis..she thinks he may have it already or may get it early in his older aging...I have just mixed it with his wet food and he eats it right up.....the limp doesnt keep him from running and playing, and that is what gets me..he is so fast and it doesnt seem to hurt at all..

During his check up the vet had also told me he had pretty bad gingivitis so she prescribed some Clindamycin Hydrochloride for this...with gingivitis in cats, is there anyway if it gets too bad do they teeth have to be removed due to severe infection in the gums??? or does the antiobiotic get rid of it?? I didnt go into all detail at the vet with this medication due to having to pick up my human kids up at the daycare....He takes the antiobiotic like a pro though a and I have learned that it is so much easier to give a small young cat medicine than an older adult cat like my older 2....
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How old is Ash?
Around 6 months of age cats are getting their adult teeth and can have inflamed gums (gingivitis) as a result. This passes after the adult teeth erupt fully.
If the adult teeth are already in and there is no obvious sign of plaque or tartar, then your kitty could have lymphocytic-plasmocytic gingivitis which is a hereditary condition in cats. If you think your cat may have this you should discuss it with your vet.
If your cat is a bit older and has plaque and tartar, the gingivitis is likely related to dental disease. A good cleaning and some antibiotics usually takes care of this!
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He is around 6 or 7 months of age and he is also on an antiobiotic as I stated in my first post..thanks for your response.....
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I am calling the vet tomorrow...his limp just doesnt seem to be getting any better..it is actually looking like he is limping worse to me...
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