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Here are some new pics of Emmett.

This is him sitting on the secret santa gift I was planning to mail out, but the box was so smushed it had to be mailed differently.

And he is just super cute in his crinkle bag.

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Awwww, so cute in the crinkle bag. Peeky boo!
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Oh how I've missed seeing pics of sweet little Em!
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aww sweet
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I wondered what happened to you and Emmers! Good to see you back. Several of our missing members have turned back up lately. Cool!
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Emmett is SSOOOOOOO handsome! And I just love his name!!
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Hi Emmett

Great pictures - haven't seen you in a while
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Emmett, where have you been? Missed you!
Lovely pictures by the way!
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He's a cutie pie, love the pics.
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Ack! A handsome ginger boy...I have such a weakness for ginger fellows! What a character!
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He's adorable as usual.
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Emmers! Love the pic of him in his crinkle bag! We have the exact same one here, none of my kitts will go near it!
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There's little Emmett! I've missed seeing him!
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