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Big Sister Stealing Kittens

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Is this normal? The adult daughter (1 yr old) of Grace (new mom) is moving the kittens to her sleeping location. Today I found one snuggled up to her and the rest behind the gate with Grace. I keep moving them back behind the gate. Grace doesn't seem to mind and nurses the kittens wherever she finds them, but now Sister (her daughter) is trying to nurse the ones she is stealing. I don't want to confuse the kittens. Should I just keep Sister out of the room or is she just helping out mom?
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I would keep Sister away from the kittens.
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What breed are your cats? Just curious. Tidbit of strange info: Tonkinese cats are notorious 'kitten stealers'--breeders with more than one queen often have to keep kittens well confined, because the girls will hoard each others babies!
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I'm not really sure, Grace was a stray. I'm assuming dsh, but she is quite beautiful and has a strange look to her. She is the smokiest gray color with beautiful round golden eyes. She has a real regal look to her, gorgeous lines. But I have no idea if there is anything mixed in there. Her daughter has the same eyes but she's spotted like a cow, black and white. I'll keep her out of the room, at first I thought it was instinct, like lions in the wild watching over eachother's babies, but I don't want any jeolousy popping up.
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Are you planning on getting Grace spayed?
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Since your cat is not a purebred and there is no reason to breed....do you plan on having the females spayed? I hope the kittens will be fixed before receiving new homes?
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Hi gsdgirl - good question you've posted ... it is probably better that you don't allow the kittens to be moved right now. I am not certain of their age, but if they are still nursing regularly, it is probably for the best that you don't let the other girl take them.

Sam - thanks for posting your question, but since gsdgirl has found herself with kittens, we should address her issues with them and once her vet feels comfortable performing the procedure, I am sure gsdgirl will do the right thing, won't you gsdgirl?

5catsandcounting - thanks for adding your comments. Again, this forum is mainly about the care of pregnant cats and their kittens. Let's leave it on topic, shall we?
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You betcha she'll be spayed! I had her scheduled to go to a rescue when she was pregnant, but she had the babies two days before I was to take her. The rescue is taking Grace, Sister and the kittens once they are eight weeks and they'll all be speutered and put up for adoption. Thanks for your help!
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Yes mixed breeds can take care of other kittens while taking care of their own. When I was younger we had 4 females pregnant at one time on the farm. Can we say YIKES!!! It ended up that one gave birth on a monday 2 weeks later another gave birth on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. In total we had 1 tom cat 4 females and 21 kittens. All 4 mothers though nursed all the kittens since they were so close in birth. Needless to say after that episode ALL the females were fixed. So if your asking if more than one cat can nurse kittens yes but I would check to see if your other cat is pregnant and that is why she might be tying to let them nurse.

On another note, My Siamese is very loving and playful to my Turkish Angora's Samona's Kittens. When Samona is not around Isis will try cleaning them but will not let them nurse lol they have teeth.
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This has nothing to do with this thread, but I head you mention you have a turkish angora!! i'm soo excited, you're the first person i've come accross on this site that owned an angora. I have a beautiful (hearing) odd-eyed turkish angora kitten named Isabelle. She's a 7 month old rescued purbreed from a hoarding breeder. She's been spayed and fully vetted. Anyways, just thought I'd drop you a line, it's nice to see someone else around here with a Turkish Angora, I have found mine to be a very sweet and beautiful kitty. I am glad to meet another angora lover!For a while, I thought I was the only one around here with one.
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