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my new cat wees on his bed!

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two weeks ago i adopted an abandoned himalayan persian. he came home and settled in straight away, much better than i thought he would, i bought him his own bed and for the first couple of days he wudnt come off it, he loved it so much, at night time he sleeps on my bed with me....however the other day he managed to get into my parents bedroom and urinated on thier bed...they werent too happy but we just put it down to it being new territory and that it was an accident, however since then he has not been sleeping in his own bed, instead he walks in the room stands on it and urinates in it right infront of us. he uses his litter tray all the other times so it isnt that he doesnt know any better and he has never urinated on my bed does anyone have any suggestions about how i can stop this happening?

luv hunny
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Is he neutered? If not, that's the first step.

Even if he is neutered, you need to take him to a vet to eliminate any urinary problems.

If those two possibilities are eliminated, then it can be a litter box issues. How many do you have and how big are they? Do you clean them regularly?

If all of those options are excluded, then you are left with a behavior issue. The cat is stressed about its environment or expressing annoyance by urinating on the items of the people who are bothering her. So if she is selectively soiling your parent's bed or clothes they leave on the floor, she has a personal problem towards your parents and is letting the household know her opinion of them.
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well he was castrated a few weeks ago when i first got him and he was only checked by the vet the other day when he had his second vac. his litter tray is cleaned out every morning so i dont think that is the problem and also, he uses it at all other times. so i think it must be more behavioural than a health problem.

as i say he seems to have settled in absolutely fine and he gets on well with everyone in the house including my parents, we all have our little play times with just him and he follows us all around everywhere, he wont leave us alone.
after what you was saying about him maybe having a personal problem with my parents i was wondering if it could be that they wont usually let him in their room so maybe he is annoyed about that, he has access to my room all the time. also we have to shut him out of the living room where his bed is at night because we have a budgie which probably wouldnt be there the next morning if he was allowed in lol, anyway he only seems to wee on his bed first thing in the mornin when we first open the living room door, so maybe that is the same thing as with my parents room, he is annoyed at being shut out. does this sound reasonable to you? not really sure if we could solve that problem if it is anyway thankyou for your help so far. and can i just take this time to say how great i think this chatroom is, everyone seems soooooo friendly and welcoming, i used to go to another pet forum but this one is just soooooooooo much better....will be staying here in future THANKYOU
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