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Pictures of my new rescue!!!!!!!YEY!!!

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Hi all, this is Ashley (shortened to Ash) who I am adopting as a result of a post in the SOS forum a while ago!! Thanks to Debra Myers for telling me it was there or I might not have seen it!!
Anyhoooo, he is around 6-7 years old, a Maine coon, neutered/vaccinated and HUGE!!! ha ha ha......His owner is moving abroad so they are rehoming the cats - apparently he is used to being around other cats so HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) the intro's won't be too bad! Anyway without further ado....here he is!!!
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Hmmm I have another pic of him, but it says it is too big to post....any help anyone?!! Pleeeeeeease?!!!!
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Ok, hope this works......
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Yipeeeeee!!!! See how big he is?!! We are taking the dog crate to collect him in (we're fetching him tomorrow!! yey!) as I don't think he'd get in the cat carrier!!! ha ha ha ha....hes looks a little on the "tubby" side to me!!! (by the way, thats his current owner holding him)

Ps, tonight we are picking up the kitten too! Hope they all get on ok...pictures of the that baby should hopefully be up here Monday!
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Oh Bodlover! What a gorgeous kitty! He looks so huggable! Congrats on rescuing him, he's lucky to be living with a wonderful Kitty Mommy like you. I can't wait to see pics of the little kitten too
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Thanks Melissa!! Im sooo excited I wish I could go get them both now!! ha ha ha I'll probably end up taking millions of pics at the weekend so be warned.....ha ha ha
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Yippee Skikppee!!!!!! and a big old M-E-O-W to your new little
(ok - big) love bucket. Are you sure there are not 3 kitties all rolled up in there? I hope the previous owner is aware of how fortunate Ash is to have you now!
Congratulations to all involved.
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Thanks Deb!! You're a star!
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Maybe - but right now, you have that "glow" of the new kitty mommy and nothing can beat that! I am truly happy for you and Ash.
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He's beautiful!! Maine Coon Cats are generally laid back and he should adjust to his new home fine. Of course, it would be hard not to with all the love he's going to get.
If you don't mind me asking, what's the owners excuse for not moving the cats with him?
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To be honest Sandie, he didn't really say, I was just told that he was moving abroad and couldn't take them with him.....maybe its because of the quarentine laws or something, I don't know!! But I DO know Im more than happy to have him!!! Oh, and I'll let you know how he settles in!! (I have four other males that will be fine...it just the female he's got be weary of!! ha ha ha Can they still use PMS as an excuse even when they're spayed?!! ha ha)
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Just wanted to say....Im off to get the little one now!!! YEY YEY YEY!!!! Did I tell ya that we're gonna call him Pip?!
Whoooopeeee....Hooooraah!!! Off we go.....
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OOh! I can't wait to see pics of him!! Hurry! I need a kitty photo fix :tounge2::tounge2:
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I can't believe the size of Ash! That's like a jumbo king-size cat with a second helping added for good measure! It's not a cat, it's a footstool! lol What a great animal for snuggling, I'm sure!

Let us know when Pip is home!
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Rhea, I loved the pics! I know you're so excited too! Whenever I receive your mail, I can only sit down, grab on to my seat, hold on and laugh with you!

Love you girl,
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Bodlover, Asley is ADORABLE!!! And she really is a big cat! I am so happy for you and her!
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Well??? How's he doing????
You know, it's a good thing someone as caring as you got him!! I just asked because I see so many pets get thrown out or abondened because people move. Excuse me....would they leave a human child behind because it's inconvenient?? If he is moving to the states, there is no quarantine at all. The only vaccine required to fly or enter the states is rabies
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Wow! I have been away sick for a few days and i find i have been missing all the excitement I am so happy for you, that is a big Puss cat, he looks soooooo lovely, and you are picking up baby kitty too?? too much excitment Congratulations Bodlover on your newest family members, and congratulations to them for being sooooo clever as to get you for a mummy

Can`t wait to see the millions of photos too

Chee & Breeze
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that's a big kitty!!! I love the name pip, I have since I read Great Expectations. It's such a happy, cheerful name.
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Congrats on your new additons!!
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Bod, Ashley just e-mailed me (quick learner that cat is!) and said "I want to go visit Auntie Cleo and the kids!" so I'm sending tickets for all of you...start packing! :laughing2:

What a gorgeous purrpal!
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Oooo Cleo I can't wait!!! Im done packing - are the tickets here yet?!! ha ha ha....Thanks everyone for your comments!! He is such a lovely boy - REAL cuddley and squishy!!! Hes settling in nicely - a bit grumpy at the moment but thats to be expected!! Its a alot of change for a furbaby!! He's getting on well witht the others, and he's really taken a liking to little Pip!!! (which is very handy seeing as they have to share a room at night!! ha ha) Oh but they look soooo funny togethre, Ash is HUGE and Pip is teeeny weeeeny!!!
Sandie, I found out that the owner is moving to South Africa.....though I don't know about the quarentine laws there either...but the poor guy, he was nearly crying when he handed Ash over to us!! I felt kinda mean taking him!! Ash sat on our laps all the home - about an hours drive, he kept swapping between me and hubby!! (yes even while hubby was driving!!)

Anyway, I have a few pics to post so I'll be back in a minute to post them all!!! (don't worry, theres not REALLY millions... I limited it to just a few......though I do have plenty more available at home!! ha ha ha)
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Ok, *drum roll* Introducing.... PIP!!!!! (how cute is he?!!!!)
This little guy is 7 weeks old and was in a foster home, as him and his 6 other littermates had been taken to the vets to be put to sleep as the owner didn't want them!! We wanted two really and both said we should have had another one, but for some reason his bros/sis's are like feral cats!! They are all lovely and deserve good homes, but sadly I just don't have the time to try and tame a feral kitten, especially when my original kitties are already a little stressed out cos the two newcomers!! They are all getting on just fine and Pip is a real sweetheart, he got a little high on catnip last night and entertained us for hours!! Cute!! The others just roll around and mew alot when they have it, but Pip goes completely nuts!! Toooo cute!! Anyway, here are some pics....
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(by the way, in that pic above, our sofa is not that creased, its a throw I chucked on it incase to kitten had an "accident"!!)
Heres another!! Ain't he cute?!!
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Theres more.....
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Awww!!! Too cute!! Little pixie face!! Mummy's little angel!!
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Heres another.... hee hee (excuse the mess in the background... I was in the process of "being artistic" and that is a bunch of my arty junk...ha ha ha ha ha)
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Yep...Im still going....this is the beginning of a catnip high!!
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Ok, and now for just a couple more of the big guy... (again excuse the mess!! See the suspect Catnip box in the pic there?!!)
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One more of the big guy......ain't he gorgeous!! He weighs 16-17 pounds!!
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