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Scooting Patootie

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Hi all

I just need some information here from all the kitty veterens. My foster child henry has been scooting over the carpet now and then. I have had him for a while......hmm maybe sincce november or december. He never used to do it then but lately has started doing it more. All those times there was no discharg.....but today in the morning when he was playing with me in bed...he sorta scooted and before i knew it.....he left this brownish smear on the sheets....i ran downstairs to get paper towels and soap for the bed but when i came back....he had licked the smear-goo-thing up?!?! it was crazy...sorta like when they eat their puky? Anyways....it didn smell..washed the sheets....and sprayed/washed the bed. Ever since then havent seem him scoot. I realize he may need his glands expressed...but since this has never happeend to me in my years of kitty guardianship......i just wanted to make sure..

He is in the process of being switched over to the good and better food. Is neutered. Is around a yr old. eats poos and sleeps fine. Umm..wat else..has 2 other kitty friends (spayed/neutered) is a lover boy to is mommy ...okay i realize i am rambling now. sooo...

Thankyou for any help

Hope 2 hear from the experts soon.
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Yup....kittys also can be in need of an anal gland expression. It seems he expressed them himself, and shouldnt need the vet to do it. Usually when they scoot like that, it's either anal glands, worms, or possible constipation.
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My kids kept telling me that Lucius smelled bad. I honestly didn't smell anything wrong with him. A little over a week ago I saw that his back side was all raw and sore. The vet said he had "expressed" his glands, but now he had a terrible infection and dermatitis. The poor baby.

I never saw him scoot, but I did see a few smears on the kitchen floor. I know now to trust my kids' noses, and not my own.
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