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R.I.P Sweet baby

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Well I had some sad news to start off my hailing cold Sunday morning as I peeked over to check on Sophies 10 day old kittens I saw the sweet little Tortoishell Exotic Female sitting in the corner. Poor little thing has passed. I have noticed that over the fast few days she hasn't been thriving like the others and she has been making funny squeaky sounds. I'm very happy to have spent ten days with her, now I hope her journey to the bridge is safe. We can't let her go to the bridge un named so I shall call her "Captivating Trace of Fire" because she had a beautiful red splash on her chin. See you again some day, Trace.
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Oh Sam I am sorry you lost one-
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Safe journey Trace.
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Sam, darlin', I feel your pain hon. Losing one that young isn't any easier than an older cat. {{{{HUGS}}}} hon, and I'd bet that my Bit is teaching Trace a thing or two at the Bridge!
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Aww thanks guys. It's sad but better off for the kitten.
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I'm sorry about your little baby.
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Sorry to hear about the little baby, I just said a prayer for her.
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I'm so sorry Sam.

Rest in Peace little Trace.
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I'm sorry you lost your little kitten, Sam. I will be praying for her safe trip to the RB where she will play as she couldn't here.
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I am so sorry that you lost one of the babies . I have you and Trace in my thoughts
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I am so sad to hear that you lost a baby.
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RIP Sweet Trace
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aww sam
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Oh Sam, I'm so sorry you lost one of the babies. Hugs to you and Sophie. RIP little Trace.
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RIP baby Trace
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awww sam i'm so sorry
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very sorry to hear you lost little Trace.
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RIP little one
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Play at the bridge Trace. Hugs to you Sam, I am sorry that you lost her.
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Thats a lovely name Sam - dear little Trace is growing strong at the Rainbow Bridge. I am sorry you have lost such a little kitten. 10 days was enough for her to know she was loved and will be missed.
You and your family are in my thoughts
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Sam i'm so sorry The poor baby
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Awww, I'm sorry about Trace, Sam. Maybe she's up there, swapping stories, and telling jokes, and having laughs with my sweet little Limeny.
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Sam, I usually don't go in this thread, it's just much too painful to know and read. But when I saw your sig I had to see what happened.

I want you to know that I am truly sorry for you and your kitty. I know it won't take your pain away but please know that I'm here for you if you need to talk or just vent, you can PM me.

You are a true angel yourself, Sam. So I think your kitty got to see what Angel's are like on Earth and in Heaven!
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Poor little sweet baby. At least now she is a little kitty angel and is free of the pain of this world.
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Thanks everybody for your kind thoughts. We miss Trace, but we know she is better off at the rainbow bridge. Thanks again.
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Sam, I am very very sorry for this loss of the baby. Her spirit has been spared any hardship here on earth and she is in heaven, RIP.
(Freddie 11/9/03, SiSi never forgotten 2003 )
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I am very sorry for the loss of your little one.
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Eddie & Kittylady,

thank you both for your sympathy.

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Sorry for your lost
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I´m so sorry Sam,.. my thoughts with you... ... RIP to Trace...
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