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feliway- how much is too much?

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i've posted enough on the site that maybe people remember that i have two cats (emily and ashley) that were both extremely ill. emily's illness could worsen (bladder stones) if she gets stressed out.

ashley has always shown "posturing" toward emily. she will tear into the room with her tail bushed out, and chase emily. not very far, she usually walks away, and as far as i know, this has never resulted in physical contact. this is now happening approximately 2-3 times a day. they usually are very affectionate toward each other; but i can see that emily is genuinely upset during these incidents.

i got some feliway during the first round of illness (ashley had become terrified of emily). it helped a lot; however with them both healthy now, and the change of season, ashley has started in with this again.

i have a 750 sq foot apartment. there is one diffuser in the living room. there is a back bedroom that ashley seems to be most upset by, as there is a window there that she looks out and can see other cats outside. i can't keep her out of the bedroom since the litter box has been there for years, and i don't want to cause further upset.

i am thinking of putting a second diffuser in there. the web site and package say it covers 500-650 sq. feet. i called the vet, but the woman who answered didn't know absolutely 100% if two diffusers would be too much. she wanted me to take ashley in to discuss medicating her with the vet, but that is not something i am open to; especially since there is no physical fighting.

sorry this got sort of long-winded. does anyone know about feliway and if there is such a thing as too much?

p.s.- i occasionally spray the chairs with it (3 or so sprays on 2 chairs in the living room) when ashley starts using them as scratching posts.

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How about emailing the company. However, I doubt that two diffusers would be too much. Take in account now that the warm weather is here, you probably have your windows open some of the time, so wouldn't some of it "escape"?
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i can't believe i didn't think of emailing the company. i just did. i tend to take personal accounts more seriously though, since the people who make advantage insisted that it couldn't have made ashley sick, and she was clearly dizzy and nauseated for 48 hours after i used it (and she did not ingest it).

i live in the pacific northwest, so i don't expect we'll get warm weather until the middle of may or june.
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i just wanted to update here and let anyone know that's reading that the feliway people said that 2 diffusers would be fine in my apartment.
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