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Rowdy's big adventure

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Thursday afternoon, I was lying on the sofa, watching Jeopardy!. Opie was running up and down the back of sofa, jumping at the window and meowing for all that he was worth. I presumed that he was chasing a fly. Rowdy and Buddy weren't within eyeshot.

When the show was over, I started outside, to have a smoke. The screen door was open, approximately 3 inches, Buddy was sitting with his nose poking outside and Rowdy WAS outside. That little witch was sniffing around Bill's cactus and rolling around in the dirt. She was only about 5 feet, off of the patio and I was able to catch her, with no difficulty. There was not an inch of that cat, that was not covered in dust.

The dogs were just sitting there, watching Rowdy prowl around. When I picked her up and started back inside, they decided to jump up and slurp her.

When Bill got home, a few minutes later, the first thing that he said was, "Rowdy got out, didn't she?" She was STILL covered with dust.

I've got to start paying better attention, when Opie is trying to tell me something. He's quite the tattletale, whenever the other two are up to something. I've also got to double-check that door, whenever I go in or out.
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Good for Opie! I'm glad you managed to catch her easily. My m-in-l once tried to take Jamie for a walk while we were away. She attached the leash to his collar, and he naturally gave her the slip. It took her and the neighbors a couple of hours to catch him.
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aww bless her!
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When she was younger, Rowdy tried to slip out, every time that the door was opened. She hasn't done this, in over a year.

Rowdy has never gotten very far - ususally, the dogs catch and keep her on the patio. Occasionally, she's made into the middle of the yard. She never tries to run away, when we go after her, she just lays down and rolls in the dirt until we pick her up.
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That's cute about Opie being the tattle tat. I wish I could catch my girl Sophie so easily. It always takes me a couple of hours!
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