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To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Well, my sister and I have been surfing the web for some toys and hideaways for our precious kitties We found an absolutely GARGANTUAN cat house, with some toys attatched, three different hidey-holes that come complete with padding, some perches, some scratching posts, and it's completely stable. But what I need to know is if my kitties will use it My sister already bought her kitten a house and she uses it, but she won't sleep in it. When I say that toy is gargantuan I mean 7'11" tall with a 2'x3' base. It costs $300, not including shipping, so I don't want to find out it was a waste of money. Buy: yea or nay?
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That's kinda hard to say...I can never tell where my cats will decide to sleep. If I had the money, and the chance I would get it. If they dont sleep in it, I am sure they are going to play in it
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7'11"? I hope you have a room that either has cathedral ceilings or higher than the standard 8' 'cause otherwise there's no way to tip it into position! Either that, or it's one of those with, ahem, "some assembly required..."
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I wouldn't buy something that expensive unless I'd seen it in the flesh!
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Most cats love cat condos. Mine two really love theirs, but I don't have anything that big. But I presume bigger condos means even more fun for the cats, since they love to climb, etc.
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Does it really matter if they sleep in it? None of our cats sleep in the cat trees, but they sure them a lot during the day to play, scratch, tear apart, climb, etc. Your cat will pick where it wants to sleep and not much will change that.

The cat house you describe sounds like ours..but we got ours for $40 at a garage sale
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Well, there is definately some assembly required. I am willing to assemble it myself, with a bit of assistance. As for seeing it in the flesh, I don't believe thats possible. I guesss I'm not as concerned with them sleeping in the thing as even coming within two YARDS of it. I mean, it is kind of huge. There was a slightly smaller one for 200 bucks... Anyway I guess what I'm asking is do multiple cats use the same condo if they don't like each other, and will my kitties use it? Perhaps I could buy it and see, but 200 dollars! And doesn't come with a 30 day trial offer.....
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There is no way to know what each of your cats will do. If you have more than one cat, I HIGHLY reccomend a good, tall cat tree with shelves, spaces to play, sleep, hide. If you live in a big city, I would do some searching. We can go to a large auction site in town that sells them for 1/2 price and we even have a couple of guys who specialty makes them at about 1/2 the cost as well. And as I mentioned, all of ours have been from garage sales and they work and look just fine. Even our local pet stores like PETCO and such carries them for less than $300 and you can save the shipping and assembly.
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I think it is mainly that price because it is so BIG! The price would normally by around $210, but they jacked it up because it was the biggest toy they had! And I have a question where sould I put it? One of the cats is more playful in one room than anywhere else, but the other cat HATES that room, so... Should I put it where both cats just go, or where it will be used, or where it is out of sight.... We have a fairly large house... two stories, a basement, and an attic. The attic is unusable. The basement is our exercise space. Downstairs and some upstairs is for guests. Can't go outside. That leaves my room, parent's room, sister's room, and a few closets. Which would you recomend?
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I think it should somewhere your cats will go, but sometimes yo just cannot tell how they will react. We had our 7 foot tree in the livingroom and they used it a lot but we had to move it to the corner in the familyroom. They do not use it as much, but they still use it daily. We kep one of the shorter ones in the livingroom now
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