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Toilet kitty

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Poor Nepheline fell in the toilet!!! She doesn't seem to mind being wet though...

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Aw..poor girl!

She does looks funny though!
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oohhh poor kitty hopefully lid stays down now
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Poor Nepheline! Was the toilet at least flushed? A previous kitty, Guinevere, fell into the toilet before it could be flushed. Yes, I had to give her a bath.
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hee!!! yes is it was flushed. She was jumping from the floor to the toilet to the sink and was a little to excited about it and slipped into the toilet. We keep the lid down now!
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Do you give after a good bath????...
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George fell in the toliet, too, and the bath tub. I make certain I keep the lids down.
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BTW, that is one beautiful cat!!!
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Thanks!!! I really like her. She has a wonderful personality too! I got her at 8 weeks and now she is 16 weeks old. She was a stray kitten and was in foster care. Poor kitty. She is having her fair share of health issues but overall, she is perfect.

ps. I did rinse her off after the toilet incident!
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Too cute!! Wet kitties always look so unhappy!

My older cat Simon hates water, I can only imagine what would happen if he ever fell in
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Nepoleon looks so cute and it looks like he is saying/..."mom,,,,why do you have to humiliate me??"
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She sure is a beauty! None of my kitties have ever fell in the toilet. My cat Soda fell in the bath once though!
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So funny
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Poor baby! It's so important that we all keep our lids down!
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LOL that just made me laugh out loud Shadow and Killian(RIP ) both fell in the toilet... (they BOTH did it when someone lifted the lid to go to the bathroom haha)poor killian had enough to deal with without that!! Finnegan has been lucky (or smart?) enough not to have done it...yet? lol i missed it when shadow did it. it was my birthday 2 years ago and i was sleeping over at a friends.. my mom called me laughinf her butt off... and poor killian when he did it i couldnt stop laughing i had tears running down my face and he looked so sad!!!
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LOL, that's funny, she's very pretty.
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First, I laughed, then I said, "Awww, poor kitty," then, I said "Eww!"
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poor girl!
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She's very pretty - even when wet!
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Okay, Nepheline made me laugh right out loud! I would say "aw poor thing" but she doesn't look all too unhappy in your photo...
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