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Hey Sunlion

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hi night owl! I noticed you were on as well.

how was your thanksgiving?
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Yeah, I'm up. Ain't insomnia wonderful?

It was good to see the family. I accidentally volunteered to arrange the next get together, just us ladies and our daughters. Don't know what we'll do, a dozen of us from 3 to 64, it's got to be shopping! lol Maybe food of some kind? Fancy tea party? Trying to fit it in before Christmas, or wait, maybe the week 'tween christmas and New Year's, hmm . . .

Actually I need to take out my contacts and head to bed. I just haven't got the energy to get off the sofa.

How was your holiday?
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I think my problem is I drank a dr. pepper with dinner not a good idea. Luckily I don't have to work tommorow.

Don't you hate it when you say something and as soon as it's out of your mouth you want to take the words back?!?!?

My holiday was quiet, and nice. We watched a couple dvds and just relaxed.

As far as your get together, we have a paint your own pottery studio that I love to go to and seems to be a big hit with people of all ages. Maybe you have a place like that near you? I see young childern in there all the time. They like to paing.

I sent you an email, just FYI
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Well, I missed you, but I had a lovely chat with Hissy.

You're on my buddy list now so I'll catch you over there one of these days.

BTW, my avatar is MrsApplefan. I was trying to IM hubby, and I wanted him to know it was me but I didn't want my name out there. His alias is bigapplefan (he loves Apple computers) so I used MrsApplefan and he got a big kick out of it. Knew exactly who it was, too!
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