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more Ash news.

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I just got up and turned my computer on the check on what's new at the cat site. I'm in my bedroom and guess who came to visit me...Ashly. Shes walking all over my computer now. I know she's been exploring the house during the week but my bedroom door is locked so I guess she's ready to explore it since I'm home and it's unlocked. Hee-hee, now she's on the bed sniffing around.

Ack I just saw her play with something for the very first time. Oh yeah, she's coming out of her shell.
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Thats good she is coming out of her shell.....at first I thought you may have been talking about my Ash boy....Keep us updated on her!
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Leah this is so good to hear, but after meeting you and your crew, not to surprising!
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Excatly what I wanted to say too. Your home is such a warm inviting place and with so many animals it was such a joy to be there -- good for you and Ash!!!!!
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What good news - well done Ash
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