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A New Twist on giving Thanks!  

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Today was so much fun getting all of our recipies together; stuff I never cook, but it was great! I was getting ready to make a sweet potato casserole, and mashed potatoes and a few other goodies too.

I peeled all the potatoes, boiled them and got all the ingredients to make this delicious casserole, when all of a sudden my electric mixer went "kaplooyee" (sp?) :laughing2...so, I'm lookin, searchin all around for something, anything to get these potatoes mashed!

Couldn't find a mixer, not at the neighbor next door and not one across the street, they weren't home, BUT....had this really great idea, next time you don't have a mixer...check this out!!!

I have a battery drill and I also have a paint mixer bit :laughing2...need I say more....So the flash came and I ran out to the garage and cleaned that baby up really good...(don't get grossed out :laughing2) hooked it up to the battery drill and that thing mashed those potatoes! :laughing2...what a sight to behold. My bud was there and took a pic...too bad it wasn't on digital!

Oh well, just something really funny that came out of something so desperate!

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Somewhere in there is a joke about men cooking, power tools and hardware stores . . .

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Cat that is tooo funny!!! you are a complete nut!!! ha ha ha ha ha....I just use a mashing fork......yes it takes ages!!
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Great substitution there bud!
Can you scan that pic so we can have a peek?
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Thats funny Cat. But, if you have a blender next time, it works just as good! Just have to cut the batch in half and do half at a time.
I can just picture you there with your power drill and an apron on.:laughing2
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LOL, yeah thats pretty inventive. I can just picture you drilling your potatoes I don't get to use a mixer, hubby's family is from the south and he likes them done with a potatoe masher. My mom uses a mixer and he calls them whipped potatoes..LOL
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Since they came out with frozen mashed potatoes, I don't cook potatoes the way I used to anymore. Ore Ida came out with them and they are wonderful! You honestly can't tell the difference.
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I do the same thing. I use the "already prepared" kind most of the time. But once in a while, I splurge and boil and mash myself!!!
Boy, how modern technology has spoiled us!
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Cat thats a very funny mental picture :LOL: I've never used a mixer or blender to mash potatoes. I was taught by my momma to smash em with a potato masher. Maybe I'll have some drilled potatoes with my steak tonight :tounge2:
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OMG! :laughing2 :laughing2 I had no idea that I had so many replies on this Thread! :laughing2

Since, I never make that kind of stuff; I guess I was just trying to get it perfecty for Grampa!!! EEEKS! You guys are too funny!

I'll try to get that pic posted ASAP...:LOL: Hey, maybe it'll sell on QVC? hahaha!

What's for dinner tonite? Oh, something simple like steak and drilled potatoes honey! :laughing2

Us siwwy girls! Love it! By the way...I had no idea they mad frozen mashed potatoes Donna! :LOL:

Love ya's
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