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Thank you. I agree; Little Elizabeth is a lot better off.

How are you feeling???

Originally Posted by katie=^..^=
Dear Bobbie sweet sweet loving Bobbie,

This is so sad and it must bring up many painful memories for you of little Tommie's passing.

This dear family has been through so much for the last several years. It must of been their all-out loving care that kept Elizabeth alive for those two unexpected years. There must have been a lot of grief for the whole family and for friends like you, Bobbie. Little Elizabeth must have experienced a lot of pain and suffering.

Now, by God's blessing, it is over and Elizabeth is in heaven where she will experience only happiness and joy. I'm sure that angels like Tommie will take good care of her.

I will pray a Buddhist prayer for you and the family: May all beings be free of pain and suffering. I hope it helps.

With love, Katie
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It's very sweet of you to ask how I am. I am fine.

I am thinking of you and praying for you and Shenandoah and Humble. Please take care of yourself and don't forget to eat.
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Hey, Katie!
I am ok, just tired from giving all those tests. I test 3 children who are classified as 504, so I read the entire test to them.
I am taking a 20 layer caramel cake to Kim and Wade and Anne Tanner (the 5th grade daughter). I know this has to be sad for them, for they all took care of her all the time, since she couldn't do anything for herself.
I love you, and have a good day!
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I missed this thread and I'm sorry to hear of it Bobbie. It sounds like you are doing a good job taking extra special care of your friends though.
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oh no! i'm so sorry God bless her family
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