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It was 81 F here on Monday - wonderful weather..... but now they are calling for 4-6 inches of wet snow tonight and tomorrow. Why-o-why did my company have to move somehwere where they have lake affect anything!??
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snow at this time of the year???
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I have not seen snow before.
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Yep, snow. Scroll down to the 36 hour forecast.


Snow is great for the first snow fall or two. But we've already surpased the record for snow this year - 105.5 inches for the season. This will just add to the record breaking season.
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Yes fwan, it is called Northeast Ohio and you can get snow until the first week of May. By then, you can put away the snow shovels. Talon, I am with you since I live smack in the middle of the heart of the snow belt, Geauga County!! 3 weeks ago we were pounded by that heavy wet snow and had no electricity for close to 3 days. Now, more wet snow. I have to laugh, yesterday I was using the lawn mower, tomorrow it may be the snow blower
By the way, that 105.5 inches was for Celevalnd, Geauga County has had somewhere between 140-150 inches or it could be more. I haven't seen the complete total yet, but that is going to change anyway. We had over 50 inches for the month of December alone and now more. Oh well, before you know it, everyone will be complaining it is too hot and hiding in their homes with the A/C on.
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Hey fellow Geauga county person! I am barley in Geauga - step across my property line on the south and I'd be in Portage. Luckily we didn't get hit with a power outage last time.... crossing my fingers for this time too!
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Hey there!!! I am a few miles from the Portage line. Actually, I am not that far south from Chardon. I just looked at that forecast. It looks like 3-5 inches tonight and another 4-6 inches on Sunday!! Wow, another foot of heavy wet snow. I really need to get myself a generator. I don't know about you, but when we lose power, that means I have now water as well.
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Yep, when we moved here in May of last year, the first week we lost power for 3 days - it was our first experience with having a well.... needless to say our first week here did not start off well. We keep talking about getting a natural gas genertor - my bonus money this year had to go for something else - so hopefully next year! (And hopefully we don't need it before then)
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Fill up those empty milk jugs so you can flush the toliets I don't think they are forecasting accumulation for us today ( they had previously mentioned 2 inches) , but those 35mph winds will add an extra chill to the freezing temps. I think since it's likely that all my flowers are going to die, I might has well pick them and bring them in where I can enjoy them.
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"Snow" is a four letter word .
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It's snowing here right now too
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I was waitin' for you to pop in, Rita! How many inches are you expected to get?
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Yucky! It's 8:45 a.m. and I've been out on my patio, wearing shorts and a tank top. This time of year, we don't even have snow on the mountains.
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a couple of weeks back, i was walking back home through town, i'm not to sure of the temp but i was HOT, and i could not believe that i had begun to snow!!!

I was like 'What!!!! snowing when it's sunny?!!'
Though where i live, you can have sun snow and rain all in one day
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Originally Posted by RoseHawke
"Snow" is a four letter word .
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Yesterday was short sleeves and now I'm running around in my fleece jacket.

No snow here, but the wind!
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welcome to upredictable weather!

We had 90 just 3 days ago, now it's 50 and COLD!
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And you are surprised??
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upper mid west here. Was in shorts 2 days ago, now in my old winter garb. ws ready to put it all away, i guess not
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Funny everyone is having freezing cold weather. We had a terrrible thunder storm in the night. Right now it is freezing cold and hailing! BRRRRRRRR!

Btw I live in Wellington, NZ - this is the weather we are supposed to be having!
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Originally Posted by captiva
I was waitin' for you to pop in, Rita! How many inches are you expected to get?
6-8 inches of snow is what they said but I sure hope not I already planted some ice-pansies... maybe they should be called snow-pansies now
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Well let me tell you, living about 15 minutes south of Lake Erie here in Cleveland, we get bombed with the lake effect crap all the time. I'm so sick of this I could scream. Enough is enough already Mother Nature......get off our backs!
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Those snow pansies sure are cute!

It's snowing further down in the SI! I agree why is Mother nature punishing us this weekend?
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I wish all I had planted were pansies. I have already started with perinnials - planted some bleeding hearts and coral bells. The hostas and ferns are peaking out of the ground, too. Oh,well..
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My hosta are coming up too Chris. I am hoping they'll be ok!
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Ack! My hostas too! The ferns? Well, I don't think anything will kill them. I am also watching the other early blooming flowers. I got some annuals to plant and a few perrenials - but they are nice and snug in the garage.
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I drove down to Mansfield today for a bridal shower. It was raining/wet snow down there, but as soon as I hit 480 the roads were slushy and really slippery. And idiots were driving in a low-visibility situation with no headlights. Grrr. I'm not going *anywhere* tomorrow.
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today we had goofy weather.. we're working on painting johns house and were going to do some more today because it was seminice but on my way over it started POURING and half way here it started pea size hailing!! Finnegan was NOT a happy kitty siting at a stop light in the hail! Then it started lightning and thunder!!
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I definitely had to scrape off my car when I got off work. This is crazy. I was wearing a tank top and capris a few days ago! Someone at work joked that "if you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait a few minutes."
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Originally Posted by Talon
It was 81 F here on Monday - wonderful weather..... but now they are calling for 4-6 inches of wet snow tonight and tomorrow. Why-o-why did my company have to move somehwere where they have lake affect anything!??

I know!!!!!! I cannot believe this crappy ohio weather. I had a tank top on at the beginning of the week and now I am digging out my huge winter coat again. I even went in and turned my heating blanket on in my bed. Man, go away winter!!! This winter has been horrible IMO.
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