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please help im scared for my cat

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Hi i took my boy to vet today not been well for 3 days. He hasn;t done toilet for for 3 days. Drinking alot of water only eating small bits at a time. The vet had a feel he thinks there is a lumb he doesn't know if he is constipated or has a lumb he mentioned his liver iam really sacared to what they find.he's to go back in on monday for xrays and blood samples also the vet said he would still like to open him up to see whats going on. can any 1 give me any information as i treat my cats like my kids i havent stoped crying
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I'm so sorry. I cannot give you advice. Have they x-rayed his stomach/colon area?
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Until they move this - I'm going to create a thread for you in the Health section - maybe someone there has had a similar experience.
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Donna, I am praying for you and for your kitty.
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Hi Donna,

First of all, I am sorry about your cat. You need to calm down, because your cat needs you to be calm.Otherwise, he feeds on your energy and could become stressed more than he is. It could be that he has a hairball inside, or that he ate something and it didn't pass through him. You say he isn't going to the litter pan- is he peeing and not pooping, or not doing either? It is also possible, that he is going *somewhere else* under the bed, behind the couch, anywhere but in the litter pan which is a common thing for cats that do not feel good.

There are a lot of things this lump could be, and x-rays are a good start, though I am surprised the vet wants to wait so long to do them. In the meantime, try and calm down. If you can get to the grocery store, go and buy a small can of canned pumpkin. Also buy some benefiber, and a small can of green beans. Look for organic catnip- the loose leaf kind, and buy a small bottle of mineral oil. These are all things that will give your kitty some fiber or a stimulant to try and let him release his stool. Now I will give you some ways to introduce this fiber to your cat and see if he will take ONE of these ways and produce results-

Also, what are you feeding him? You say you treat him like a kid, do you feed him people food, or cat food?

Canned Pumpkin-

Feed it right out of the can. Give him about a tablespoon of it in a canned food like fancy feasts (beef or chicken not seafood) Mix the pumpkin in well with the canned food and just set it down. Most cats love canned pumpkin.

Green Beans

Cook the beans and mash them (without draining them) add some butter, mash again, then drain. Put a tablespoon of cooled (but not cold) green beans on a small saucer.

Organic Catnip

Take a pinch of catnip and put it in a clean jar lid, it doesn't take much, but you might have to add a bit, because a cat's first instinct is to rub on this stuff. Your goal is to see if he will eat it.


Add about a tablespoon of this to the cat's water bowl, stir it up, it will dissolve instantly and not make the water smell funny.

Mineral Oil-

This one is tricky. You need a feeding syringe, and it really depends on how much your boy weighs. but you want to get the equivalent of at least a teaspoon into him. If you have a syringe, you want to press the stuff into his mouth slowly.Take your time, they don't like the taste, so I would say that you keep this one for last.

Again, you only want to do one of these for your kitty and see if it produces results. Also, while you at the grocery store, buy another litterpan. It could be that the first one caused him so much pain he is avoiding it thinking it is a cat monster. A new litter pan might do the trick-

Good luck and please let us know what the vet finds?
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Donna, if your cat has a hairball, and it's not severely impacted, it should pass if you follow the suggestions Hissy gave you.

I'm wondering too why your vet didn't do bloodwork and an X-ray while you were there - why would you need to wait til Monday for that?? Bloodwork results take at least 24 hours to come in, so now it will be an additional day before you know anything. If it's a liver problem, it will show up on the bloodwork in the form of elevated liver enzymes. These are basic diagnostic tests and I can't imagine why the vet wouldn't have done these things right away.

Also, I have to say I'm alarmed when I hear that the vet "wants to open him up". That's the LAST thing he should be thinking of doing at this stage! You want to do the least invasive diagnostic tests first, before progressing to more serious options such as surgery. If bloodwork and X-rays don't give clues to the problem, you should get an ultrasound done. Make sure a specialist does the ultrasound, if that becomes necessary. Too many vets who don't have a background in ultrasonography buy an ultrasound machine. You want an experienced person doing the ultrasound - it is not an inexpensive test so it's important to get it right the first time.

IMO I would find another vet. I'd be worried about the fact that he's talking about surgery when this might turn out to be nothing more than a hairball, and I would wonder why he hadn't done some diagnostic testing right away rather than waiting.

Best of luck to you and your boy - hope he feels better very soon. Please let us know.
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he eats wiskas tinned food plus dry bisuits not at the same time. he is still peeing not pooping. i have looked every where. is elevated liver enzymes bad or will he be ok once i find out what is wrong with him. i looked at him his third eye lid is showing now.
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Hon, I don't want to scare you, but if his third eyelid is showing, your kitty is very, very ill. Is there any way to get him to an emergency vet? Like the poster before you, I'm concerned about your vet wanting to open him up, is there another one that you can take him to promptly?
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Third eyelid can be anything none of it real good. He could be dehydrated. While he is on the floor, kneel next to him and gently scruff his neck, just pinch the fur up, then release (don't pick him up) the fur should go back down in seconds once you release it. If it stays tented up, please get this kitty to another vet immediately. Sorry, I don't have much faith in your regular vet at this time. But your kitty will need iv fluids or you could lose him. So check and see if he is dehydrated. The third eyelid can be because of infection, or fever- really your kitty should see another vet today if at all possible- he sure doesn't sound very happy right now.
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I agree with Cindy & Hissy - you need to take your kitty to an emergency vet right away!

The third eyelid showing is an indication that he's feeling worse. Please don't wait to get him to the vet and preferably not the one you've already seen.

When you can, let us know how he's doing.

Good luck to you and your boy.
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I'm so sorry, thinking of you and your boy, please let us know soon how you both are doing
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i did that to is neck it goes back down quick also when i had cat to vet his temperture is fine and he gave him a jag in the back off the neck antibiotics
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Fevers happen quickly, a cat can be fine one moment and not the next. Please get this kitty to a vet.
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took my cat to vet today he was dying and i didnt know. she gave my cat a wee jag thats him away iam angry at the vet for sending him home on saturday he had a tumour in his liver and that vet still sent him home saying he would be fine. will his sister be ok .
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Donna, I'm so sorry about your kitty.

I can understand your anger at the vet. Since you still have a kitty to care for, make sure you find a new, competent vet that you will have confidence in. Ask for recommendations from people who have cats. Make sure the vet offers emergency services or find out where the nearest emergency animal hospital is located.

The fact that your kitty unfortunately developed a tumor does not necessarily mean that his sister will too. You can't prevent all bad things from happening to cats but there's a lot you can do to keep them healthy. Make sure your cat is spayed, keep her indoors, feed her the best food you can afford (you don't want food with by-products, artificial flavors or colors, corn, or wheat), and take her for a thorough check-up by the vet at least once per year.

This is a wonderful site for any questions you may have about food, behavior and care of your cat. There are lots of great, supportive people here. I hope you'll keep us updated on how your female kitty is doing.

I wish things had turned out differently for your boy - I'm very sorry for his loss.
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I.m so sad for what has happened, especially since you thought all was OK. I am no expert but I don't think most cancers are genetic to that extent that his sister will be affected. I agree that I would find another vet as soon as possible.
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Sorry about the outcome of this. I hope there is another vet in your town to check into.
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Donna, I'm so sorry for the loss of your fur-kid. I was hoping feverishly that the outcome would be better. {{{{HUGS}}}} hon, for you and scritches for your girl.
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I'm sorry about your cat, and really can't understand the vet sending him home like that.
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Oh Donna I'm so sorry. How heartbreaking. I hope the other kitten is ok, best wishes and thoughts for you {}
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Thanks every1 . Iknow my girl will be ok but iam scared she will miss her brother to much will see get over that hes not here anymore. iam finding it hard so how will she fell.
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make sure you give her plenty of attention and reasure her it will be ok, she needs your positive vibes, and im sending you mine, im truely very sorry
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Lost of hugs and headbumps going your way from me and my crew.

Dev and the Crew
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