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And Honey :)

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This is our other new kitten Honey. She is Toffee's sister. They were both dumped around here where we live. Honey was very hard to took us about 4 weeks, but we finally gained her trust and she followed us home into our garage one night.
She is such a sweetie pie, and loves kisses and cuddles, but is still a little bit scared and nervous....
Here she is....she is also 14 weeks old

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YAY!!! there she is

awwwwwwwwwwwww Sonja, she is just adorable as well awww I just love them both, and how wonderful that the two sisters can stay together - give Honey lots of scritches from her Aunty Dan
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Awww, she is so cute!!!
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What a sweet little girl Honey is I'm glad she can stay with her sister Toffee
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What a sweet pretty girl!!!!!!
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Thanks Danielle - I'll give her alot of scritches and kisses from her aunty Dan....she loves them soooo much!! Who would have thought that she is such a lovey-dovey little thing? She was so wild and aggressive when she was living outside....

ciera23, Rita, Rock&Fluffsmom - awww Thank You!!! She is my little cutie pie!!
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very perty
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AWWWWWW, Honey is sooo sweet!!!
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Hi there! Aww, Honey is a darling!
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She is a cutie pie. Love the name Honey.
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Honey is beautiful. How lovely that the two girls have a furrever home with you
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mmmm milk

they are both so very cute honey has this laid back look

do you know sonja we have the same name?
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Thank you all We actually thought she was a boy at first, most ginger cats are.....but then the vet told us she was a girl (you'd think I would know the difference by now ) she became Honey - a sweet name for a sweet girl!

Originally Posted by crazykitten

do you know sonja we have the same name?
Do we??? Hi there Sonja
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actully my name is spelled sonya but its probably pronounced the same way

hi sonja
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Honey's adorable! May I borrow her?
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What a pretty girl, I love the second pic!
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Very cute
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so unusual to have a ginger female! she's very pretty - actually looks a lot like Toffee!
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