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It's the unknown that hurts

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This morning a neighbor called and told me there was a cat on the road she thought might be ours. I went over there with Mike and we couldn't really tell. The saving grace is that it happened quickly and the cat does resemble our Scatter-cat but we couldn't tell. On the way home we started discussing when the last time we saw her was, and it has been weeks of that we are sure. Because life has happened around us, and we got caught up in dealing with everyday pressures and I forgot to say role call everyday and make sure all my cats were accounted for.

I will bury this unfortunate victim of a hungry road today and say a prayer over her and hasten her on the way to the Bridge. I will pray that this is not our little lovely Scatter cat, she who plays fetch for hours at a time, and how when there are storms raging about she will sit at the window and chase raindrops. She of soft nose and velvet paws who refuses when she is in the yard to cross puddles and will squall her heart out until one of us picks her up and carries her across the puddles so she doesn't get her dainty feet wet.

Right now it has been storming for days and her customary resting place on the ottoman is vacant, so I pray she has gone to ground somewhere and is holed up safe and will come home once the wild weather mellows out. Say a prayer that we are burying a stranger's pet and not our own, and do not judge me harshly as others before you have done because I choose to dedicate my life to many ferals and I can't have umpty dozen ferals running inside my house 24/7 and stay sane. And please God if you are listening, if she is still out there, please bring our lovely Scatter cat home soon and let us know that she is indeed safe. For it is the not-knowing the fate that kills the heart faster than anything in the world, it is the not knowing that hurts the worst. Once we know, then the grief can come and once the grief comes then the healing can begin. Please let her be safe.....please.......
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I am so sorry. The uncertainty of it is what is so sad. I will say a prayer for the kitty and also hope that everything turns out for the better.

You know I'm here for you, only a toll call away.

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So sorry to hear about the poor kitty Lets hope it wasn't your precious Scatter. I know the pain of losing a much-loved kitty to the road. I don't think anyone has the right to judge you whatsoever. Your are a true Kitty Guardian Angel. My thoughts are with you
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MaryAnne - Scatter is in your thoughts, hearts and prayers and whatever the outcome - I know she was loved and cared for. My prayers are with you all. Deb
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