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guess the google game!!

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how do you do?? my high is 296...
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I didn't do as well, I think my high score was around 190. It's addictive!
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The first time I got 289. I tried some more and my high was 297.
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1st time: 301
2nd: 318
last: 340
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My high was 329. Pretty addictive, but it does seem to repeat every now and then.
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I got 275
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That's cool. I only got a 199 on my first try, but it makes you think.
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209, on both tries
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I got 251...Pretty good for a blonde!
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I liked it, it was fun... but on my second round of playing, they had pictures of naked women. That's it for me!
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303 for me
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1st: 140
2nd: 240
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I didn't do as well... but it's not as interesting as i initially thought.. all you have to do is type in all the words that appear on images.. one of them is right
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I'm too embarrassed to even put any of my scores on here. I couldn't tell what half of those little pictures were of, for one thing and for another, I think my poor spelling caused me to lose a lot of points.
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i only got 170
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This is fun! My computer froze up after 8/10 though, and I only scored 180!
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Fun! So far my top score is 256.

Scratch that, 271.
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lol i played for about an hour and my high was 369.. off to play some more for a bit.. Im trying to get that 389-390 to be on the top score board! lol
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I've been playing it for about an hour too. OK you know how there is the meat one? well I got that right and then two things later - it came up again but the answer wasn't meat??
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was it food? cuz there is a food one too.
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I don't think so. I'll try that next time though! Off to play again!
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1st: 180
2nd: 259
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315 is my highest score yet... Dang is this addictive or what!
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