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CJ not feeling well... vibes PLEASE

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Hi guys. My little man is not feeling well.. it started the other day. He just wasn't himself. Last night I noticed the inside of his ears were blotchy. I took him into work today and they took some blood. (Which he was not happy about AT ALL! lol) We sent it out for testing so I'm hoping we get the results back tomorrow.

He's still not himself again tonight. He's been mostly sleeping. He did eat but he doesn't want to play -- which is not like him at all.

I haven't had the best luck with animals lately. Back when I first started work I had to put down Emily due to FIP. Then Tinkerbell died suddenly. CJ seemed so happy and healthy until now.

So, if you could please keep him in your prayers and send lots and lots of good vibes his way I would appreciate it grately.

I hope he starts feeling better soon....

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Ah Katie, I'm so sorry. I do hope darling CJ is back to his old self soon. I know how it hurts when your baby isn't feeling well. I'll be saying a prayer for you two tonight!!
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Me too! Im sorry he's not feeling well.. I hope there isn't anything wrong with him! Keep us updated.
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Lots and lots of healing vibes being sent to CJ from me and my crew. I hope everything turns out okay.
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Hope CJ feels better soon!
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I'm sending tons of *Good Vibes* for CJ
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What a scary thing to go through...

I'm sendind healings vibes. (((((VIBES))))

I hope CJ feels better soon, and its turns out to be minor.
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Sending heaps of healing vibes CJ's way.
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Sending lots of healthy vibes CJ's way - I hope whatever it is turns out to be something minor and that he recovers really quickly.
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I have to say, when I first saw your thread, I was thinking, "Nu uh! CJ's fine! She's nursing her kitties right now!" But then it hit me!

I hope that CJ makes a wonderful recovery!
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Oh no Katie.. my best wishes for a soon recovery.. (sending ((((good vibes)))) too.....)...
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CJ is in my thoughts!
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Cj is in my thoughts too!
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Thanks guys.. it really means a lot. His blood results came back this morning. Mostly everything was normal except a few things -- but nothing serious enough to worry about. Which makes it even more weird because it still doesn't explain why his ears were blotchy and his lack of energy.

He's on two meds now.. poor little thing. I'm hoping that they will help. Seeing him not tearing around the house 24/7 is just so unusual.

Thanks again everyone... CJ thanks you too!
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