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Natural enemies

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Has anyone ever had a cat that bonded with an animal that was a natural enemy? When I was young I had a cat Melissa who my other cat gave birth to. She was the runt and I knew I would keep her from day one! She was a sweetheart who i could hold in my arms and rub her belly until she fell asleep. She would go outside and hunt everything birds,mice, she even caught a bat once that had gotten in through our fire place! When she was about one I brought home a hamster, my mother was freeking out telling me melissa was going to eat him! To make a long story short the hamster ( daffy) would constantly chew his way out of his cage and somehow get himself down the steps. Melissa would pick him up like a kitten and carry him back up stairs and meow until we got him back in! If he was in his ball she would follow him around meowing like something was wrong.She treated him just like a kitten. When daffy died she went into mourning she would'nt leave the room his cage was in for three days... It was so sad! Does anyone else have a similar story?
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We have a male guinea pig that LOVES our 20+ lb male cat. They will cuddle and the cat will lick him forever. lol
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my cat and dog love each other
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That is such a sweet (but ) story.
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Shadow grew up with a hamster.. one night she got out and shadow led us to her!! Good shadow! lol RIP my little gizmo
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Originally Posted by cazx01
my cat and dog love each other
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Well Jello is such a friendly dog, even my gang loves him! Oh, except when he wants to smell the cat food in their food bowls.
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Originally Posted by captiva
That is such a sweet (but ) story.

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yes my dog loved all of my cats and would always let my kittens pull his tail and ears and he never minded once all of my kitties knocked over my bird cage and let the bird fly around the house! my mother grabbed the belt and smacked it on the floor it got one of my cats leg. needles to say the cat became best friends with the bird but we always kept an eye on them
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We've always had good luck with cats and dogs together.

When I was given Rex, a cocker spaniel, we already had Butterscotch the cat. They were the same size and color and would play fight until exhausted. Then they would sit a paw's length from each other and pant until rested. Then one would tap the other and the hijinks would start all over. The other fav activity was sticking their heads into the other's mouth! When Rex got too big, he was so heartbroken.

A couple of years later, we raised a couple of kittens from 2 day's old. (Mother was hit by a car.) Rex had the night shift. He would sleep beside their box and if they made a noise he would stick his nose into the corner of the lid (he had turned it up himself) and if he thought they needed something, he would wake mom.

The only rodent pet here was Gertrude the Guinea Pig and I don't recall if we had any cats at the time. I do have a pic of her with my niece (less than a year) and sister's dog Big Red O'Reilly but they are all ignoring each other!
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We always had both dogs and cats, and they loved each other. Jamie is an "only" cat that loves dogs. When we first got him, he not only bonded with the dog next door, but also with the two rabbits and a ferret. He and Jackie, the ferret, had a terrific time together.
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