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ODT for Thanksgiving Day

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Hi everyone!

Sorry I'm a posting fool today but I'm at work and bored out of my mind. The phones aren't ringing and it's like a morgue in here. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday.

I get off at 5 and will be heading to my best friend's house for dinner and movies.

Enjoy everybody!
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That's too bad you have to work, Donna! But it sounds like you're going to have a good time tonight. There's nothing I find quite as enjoyable as watching a movie with my best friend while we eat comfort food (LOTS of chocolate) and having a good 'girl chat'! I really miss that! (We haven't seen each other since August - we're both so busy!)

My Mom made it out here from Nebraska, and we've had a really good time so far.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!!
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Donna, what do you do? (I bet you've told me and I forgot.)

There are so many people who give up their holidays because they are in service professions. Not just the police and firefighters, but medical and hospital personnel, people who work in hotel and hospitality industries, all those bus and subway folks, many restaurants and movie theatres and performers. I'm sure there's tons more, I just can't think of them.

I remember some years, after my folks died and before I got married myself, when I volunteered to work holidays. It gave my coworkers time off and I made brownie points with my bosses, but mostly it kept me too busy to think about being alone. Of course, when I was a teenager, it gave me an excuse to get away from the family! You know, that stage when you just can't stand them for no reason, but if you have to spend a whole day with them you'll just die of terminal embarasment if you don't freak out and kill them all first.

Anyway, I hope your shift goes quickly for you and the rest of your day is enjoyable.
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I'm still waiting for the turkey to get done

I put it in last night around 11:45 at 200 degrees, and it's still not done. According to the meat thermometer it's 160, when it should be 180. Hopefully it will be done soon.

Then I've got to put in the stuffing, green been casserole & pecan pie! Hopefully we'll be eating by 4. I haven't had anything to eat yet today and I'm getting weak

I stopped by blockbuster & picked up a few dvds. got evil dead 1 & 2 (I know, I'm strange) and the grinch. I figure we will watch them after we eat.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!
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I just put the turkey & ham in about 30 minutes ago. We aren't going to do anything, really. We got up around 6:30, after going to sleep at midnight, and I am still so tired. It's that type of sleepiness where you could just lay around in bed all day. Survivor is on tonight!
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Happy Thanksgiving for all of ye Americans

AP, what in hell is Evil Dead?!

scary movies scare me :disturbed
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I got home at 3:15 a.m., did some last minute prep work for today, bed at 4:30, up at 9:00, turkey in at 10:00...I'm ready for a nap! (son is still snoozing...wheres the squirtgun?)

Going to send son to Blockbuster for dvd's, and just hang out when boyfriend Scott gets here.

Everyone have a great day!

Shall we have a weigh-in to see how much we all pack on over the next few days? (leftovers kill!)
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I'm a staff writer for a newspaper. I've worked every single holiday this year for two reasons. I don't have alot of family (and to be honest, am not too keen on spending the holidays with them for personal reasons). My daughter is at her dad's house. I like the money, doesn't everyone??? It also gives the people with kids and REAL families a chance to spend time together.

I don't mind, really as it is very quiet today. I'll have my fun tonight


So, did you take my advice and cook the potatoes whole with the skins on?? Or did you make poor Robert peel them? I gots to know man!!
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Evil Dead is this really campy movie, I first saw it probably 10 years ago. I just felt like watching something silly.
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campy? whats a campy movie?
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really cheesy. just a really silly, dumb movie.
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